Kilbourne Jay jay (JJ)

Sire: Ch Greyflax Myth to Kilbourne

Dam:Kilbourne Macbeth

breeders M.J. G.M. Peach

date of birth 30/07/2007


He shares his home in Aberdeen with new owners Sandra and Dave. They write:-

Just to let you know that we’ve had a wonderful first day at home with JJ. The weather has been kind to us so the back door has remained open for most of the day letting JJ wander in and out as the mood took him. He’s eating up everything in his dish, drinking well and so far no accidents in the house! I’m well aware this will all change but it has been a great start to our time together.

Cal (the middle son) has decided that JJ suits him well so his name does not change, only shorten. We’ve spent the day laughing at his antics, enjoying lots of cuddles and proudly showing him off to a couple of close friends who know what a momentous decision it was for us to have another dog. We’ve had our first walk together in the woods but did not meet any ‘chums’ and started to learn to travel in the back of the car on journeys (not met with JJ’s approval!). It all sounds very busy but there’s been lots of sleepy time too.

I can not thank you enough for letting us have one of Beth’s pups, he’s loved already.


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