My thanks to my two excellent stewards and to the Society for providing a large

double ring, enabling the Deerhounds to really get into their stride. I felt that

movement coming and going was not too good, but apart from that no particular fault

dominated the entry. This was a very varied entry and the dog line-up was much more

even than the bitches. Temperaments throughout were superb as usual and I thank the

exhibitors for their very sporting attitude.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1. Steele’s Sorimsway Valient Hero. Just 9 months, quite a promising free moving

youngster at the raw and rangy stage. Dark eyes, well held ears, good forequarters,

still to drop a bit in chest, good feet. Well ribbed back, good rear angulation, good

coat. Tended to carry his tail a bit high, but this is probably due to his age as his tail

set is correct. Lovely long stride in profile and very settled coming and going for

such a youngster.

Puppy Dg (2)

1. Finnett and Heathcote’s Hyndsight Desperado. Balanced and well angulated 10

month old with pleasing head and expression. Good reach of neck, depth of chest and

length of ribcage. Correctly carried tail, but it was looking a bit thin today as lacks

hair, lovely harsh coat. Still to settle in front action coming, but an easy and collected

stride in profile. Very promising. Best Puppy.

2. Presswell’s Sorimsway Honoured Past. Not as forward in development as one.

Lovely head and soft expression, with well carried ears. Neck of good length into

good forequarters. Good depth of chest for age and shapely hindquarters. Bit erratic

in front coming still, but a good length of stride in profile.

Junior Dog (1)

Grimshaw’s Greyflax Domino to Jamalison. Liked his head, strong neck, good depth

of chest, but would like a little more spring of pastern. His front angulation is well

balanced with the rear, correct topline and shown in good coat. Moved a little close

behind, but has a lovely flowing stride in profile.

Yearling Dog (2)

Two promising hounds.

1. Bond’s Regalflight Rueben. Very shapely and well muscled youngster. Lovely

dark eyes and gentle expression. Well laid shoulder, good length of ribbing, good

width across thigh. Tail carried correctly, feet could be a bit tighter. True in front

coming and a super free mover in profile, covering the ground with ease.

2. Grimshaw’s Greyflax The Jazz Singer to Jamalison. Pleasing head, well

balanced angulation front and rear. Straight forelegs, good feet. Good depth of chest

well ribbed back, with strong loin. Not quite the freedom of stride of one, but he was

sound coming and going.

Post Graduate Dog (4)(2)

1. Faircloth’s Beardswood Ripley for Calbraidh. Well grown dog in super muscular

condition. Eye could be darker, good reach of neck. Good depth of chest and spring

of rib. Well angulated hindquarters, strong hocks well used on the move, good feet.

Standing this dog tends to look a little square in outline, but he really comes into his

own on the move and has a free and active stride in profile and good coming and


2. Lucas and Dargonne’s Packway Commanche Moon. Slightly longer in body

than one, but not quite the ease of stride in profile. Pleasing head and expression,

neck of good length into well laid shoulder, just a little upright in pastern. Good

depth of chest and correct topline. Rear angulation balanced with front and he was

sound coming and going.

Limit Dog (3)

1. Finnett and Heathcote’s Hyndsight Run to You. Beautifully balanced and well

angulated. Pleasing head, good spring of rib and depth of chest, good feet. Firm

across loin and good width across hindquarters, Good topline well held on the move,

hocks well let down. Shown in good coat. Not quite the length of stride of my ticket

winner, but he moved with enthusiasm and was sound coming and going. ResCC.

2. Schaaning Ling’s Beardswood Quiver. Masculine head, good expression. Strong

neck of good length into good angulation of forequarters. Good depth of chest and

spring of rib. Muscular hindquarters well balanced with front. Easy mover in profile

and sound coming and going.

3. Shannon’s Erewhon Celestial Fire.

Open Dog (5)(1)

This was a very varied class.

1. Helps Beardswood Quinlan. Lovely headshape, with neat well carried ears.

Reachy neck into good lay of shoulder and length and return of upperarm. Good

depth of chest, correct topline, shapely underline. Hindquarters well balanced with

front, good width across thigh, but would like hocks to be just a little lower. Moved

easily and freely in profile keeping his topline and was positive in front coming. Has

quality and scope of movement without any exaggeration. CC & BOB.

2. Baumann’s Multi Ch. Regalflight Tarloch. Pleasing head and expression, strong

neck of good length, deep chest, good length of ribbing. Tended to flatten a little in

topline standing and would like a slightly harsher coat. Moved very well, with a long

free stride in profile and sound coming and going. Well presented and in good

muscular condition.

3. Taylor’s Kilbourne Usher to Ormanstar.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1. Steele’s Sorimsway Sweet Victory. Litter sister to my minor puppy dog winner

and like him at the rangy stage. Lovely head, well laid shoulder and length of

upperarm. Needs to drop in chest still, good length of ribcage, correct coat. Not quite

as settled in movement as her brother coming and going, but a very free mover in


Puppy Bitch (4) (2)

1. Finnett and Heathcote’s Hyndsight Because The Night. 10months shapely and

well balanced. Good depth of chest, topline still to settle a bit. Good length of ribs

and strong hocks. A little erratic in front action at the moment, but good strong rear

action. Free striding in profile, but lost out for BP as I preferred the more

co-ordinated movement of the dog on the day.

2. Steele’s Sorimsway Field of Poppies. Built along finer lines and looking

immature compared to my winner. Darkest of eyes and neat ears. Good forequarters

and feet, fair depth of chest for age, well ribbed back, shapely hindquarters. Still to

strengthen in hind action going, but moved very well in profile.

Junior Bitch (2)

1. Bailey’s Greyflax Teen Spirit. 15 months and very much at the in-between stage

of development. Pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck into well laid

shoulder and good length of upperarm. Straight front legs, feet could be neater. Good

angulation to rear, hocks well let down. Still to settle in movement coming and

going, but strode out well in profile.

2. Taylor’s Kilbourne Tess to Talorpeche. Not quite as forward in development as

one, but a close decision. Lovely head and expression, neck of good length into well

angulated forequarters, good depth of chest and length of ribbing. Would like a little

more width of thigh, good tail carriage and coat. A bit erratic still coming and going,

but an active easy mover in profile.

Yearling Bitch (2)(1)

1. Helps, Dove &Dove’s Foxcliffe Classic Liberty Freedom at Beardswood. (Imp).

Very attractive young bitch, lovely head, eyes could be a shade darker, well held ears.

Lovely reach of neck into good shoulder and upperarm. Good depth of chest and

spring of rib, shapely underline, good width across hindquarters. Correct tail carriage

and shown in good coat. Moved well coming, but unfortunately unsettled in hind

action today.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)(3)

1. Helps Beardswood Rhymi. Tallish bitch with lovely feminine head and

expression. Strong neck, perhaps could be a little longer. Well balanced angulation

front and rear, good depth of chest and length of ribbing, Correct tail set and

carriage, good feet. Well let down hocks which she really used on the move.

Limit Bitch (6)(2)

1. Bailey’s Greyflax Summer Breeze. Very feminine head and soft expression,

strong neck into good forequarters well balanced with rear. Good depth of body and

length of ribcage, strong in loin and well muscled second thigh. On the day, just not

quite the easy and active movement of my ticket winner in profile, but presents an

overall flowing outline standing and moving. ResCC.

2. Shannon’s Erewhon Wanton Flame. Pleasing head with dark eyes and soft

expression. Good forequarters, straight front legs, good spring of pasterns and well

knuckled feet. Shapely hindquarters, strong hocks, correctly carried tail, good coat.

A bit longer cast than one, but the length is in the ribbing..

Moved easily in profile holding her topline well, bit unsettled in hind action, but

better in front coming.

3. Lucas and Dargonne’s Glenmorlich Non So Pretty For Packay.

Open Bitch (6)(3)

1. Bailey’s Greyflax Just Peachy. Lovely strong yet very feminine bitch. Pleasing

head and expression. Good angulation to forequarters, well ribbed up, strong loin and

wide hindquarters. Flowing topline and shapely underline. Hocks well let down,

correctly carried tail and shown in good coat and condition. Free moving in profile

with a long stride and sound coming and going. Not quite the scope of my dog ticket

winner in the final run-off, but a very close decision. CC.

2. Taylor’s Kilbourne Pandora to Taylorpeche. Good head and ears, but eyes could

be a shade darker. Strong neck of good length into good shoulders. Good depth of

chest and shapely underline. Strong hindquarters, low set hocks, feet could be a little

tighter. Moved with drive in profile holding her topline and sound coming and going.

3. Willkinson’s Sireadh Charm.

Marilyn Pursglove (Judge)