Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society.

Open Show. 1st June 2011.

Mrs Pip Buswell ( Glenmorlich ) judged 5 classes of Deerhounds.

Puppy. 1 present

1st. BP. Puppy Group 1. Mansell & Duddell's Canerikie Coco Clarissa. 11 mnth old bitch. Small well proportioned head with ears set high, with a soft expression and dark eye. Topline very correct from nape of neck to good fallaway, with correct rise over the loin. Well bodied. Hocks well let down. Good bone. Movement very good.

Junior. 3 entered/1 present.

1st. Rhodes & Morton's Gentom Semper Fi. 13 mnth old dog. An as yet very unfinished young male who moved well even though the ring was far too small for his very long stride. Lovely head and a well arched neck. Balanced construction, good topline, a shapely body though lacking in depth but he of course has time on his side.

Post Graduate. 5/2 present.

1st. BOB. Mansell& Duddell's Killoeter Pieris at Canerikie. 2 year old bitch. Most beautiful head and expression. Excellent pigmentation and soft, dark eye. Very well balanced construction with very good return of upper arm. Strong neck with well arched nape. Shoulder well laid, correct rise over the loin and croup well angled. Good fill-in and sternum of very good length. Well bodied. Powerful hind leg with hocks well let down. Crisp coat. Movement active and true. She looks as though she could put food on the table for her lucky owner.

2nd. Wiggan's Lodhain Ablaize. 19 mnth old bitch. A good head with ears set high, soft expression and a dark eye. Strong neck into good shoulder. Well bodied having good depth through the heart and well ribbed back. Long tail. Harsh coat. Movement fair.

Open Dog. 3/2 present.

1st. Johnson's Claonaiglen Bruar. A tall dog with a kind expression and a soft eye. Strong neck. Good topline. Long tail and hocks close to the ground. Heavy crisp coat which was making him notice the heat today. Movement fair.

2nd. Hodgkinson's Glewlwyd Dionysus. Nice head and expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulder and fair return of upper arm. Well bodied and ribbed well back, good fallaway at croup. Good bone. He showed hardly any movement today.

Open Bitch. 5/2 present.

1st. Rhodes & Morton's Kilbourne Charity of Gentom. A most feminine bitch with the softest of Deerhound expressions and a beautiful dark eye. Very well balanced construction, well bodied and well ribbed back. Good topline with correct angle at croup. She moved well and with a long active stride.

2nd. Hodgkinson's Intack Flower of Scotland at Glewlwyd. Another nice bitch although reluctant to move today. High set ears, a strong neck, length of upper arm fair, good spring of rib and a correct topline. Good width of first thigh. Well boned. Good length of tail and a crisp coat.