This page will be building as and when we get the pictures. We want to disaplay collectables poeple have managed to find over the years. It can include bronzes, paintings anything, new or old. If you have an item please let us have a picture. We do not intend to mention where these are or who has them but it might make an interesting display. A little history, if you have it, would be very nice. send your images to me

A solid bronze that originally was gilted - the only other E Delabrierre 1829 - 1912 The only others I have found on the web is in the Sladmore gallery. I purchased this locally in a auction so I consider myself very lucky.

Biography Courtesy of The Sladmore Gallery Ltd

Delabrierre was born in 1829 in Paris, where he later became an important member of the Animalier school in the late 19th Century. Having been educated by the painter Jean Baptiste-Delestre, he found his true talent in sculpture and later made his debut at the Salon of 1848, where he showed a wax model titled ‘Terrier holding a Hare’. Due to the success of his early work, Delabrierre went on to exhibit more than seventy works at the Salon over a period of fifty years. He was greatly influenced by the great master Antoine Louis-Barye and the violent emotions he capture within his combat works.. The façade of the Louvre incorporated one of his most ambitious pieces ‘L’Equitation’ which he sculpted in 1857. His work can also be found in the Museum of Amiens. His well finished, detailed and realistic depictions of animals, particularly lions, make him one of the greatest Animalier sculptors. Delabrierre died in 1912.

Paul Edmund Dalabriere (1829-1912) a dark patinated bronze of a Highlander with Deerhound 27cm high signed in the marquette.

a picture of a ceramic tile 20cm * 20cm which I bought about 25 years ago & which I was told was Victorian. The picture "Three of a kind" is a limited edition print by Kay Watson which I bought in 1987. I hope this is of interest to you. Pete and Marvin Jones


I thought you might like this print I found in a small antique in the English midlands a few years back. It's called "In The Highlands" by N. Drummond. Image size is 11" x 71/4". The small print at the top reads: Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd London, Paris, Berlin and New York. Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen. Printed in England. At first I thought it was a page out of a book but there is no printing on the other side. Carole Havercroft Bermuda


This picture was made of an artificial clay model my husband made by hand, some 25 years ago.We even had no real deerhounds at that time! It is appr. 15 cm. high.
Greetings, Nel Smeding, The Netherlands

The bronze is signed G.Gardet, It is a French artist, who lived in the 19th century. Is measures 39 cm and 37 cm. high.


I am sure you know who this artist is? (Mick Cawston) we purchased this at the Deerhound Club Show at the Great Danes Hotel Maidstone in 2006.

this is a print from the original of Brutus at @Bridge Sollers by Cecil Aldin - this picture (owned by the Kennel Club) was featured in the Nessy Linton article in the Spring Deerhound Club spring newsletter. I first saw the original at Crufts when our first Deerhound Shona was only 9 months old and obtained the print and had it framed for our Wedding Anniversary. All our friends thought it was a painting of Shona and it has pride of place on our dining room wall.


No 5 - these are two John Stansfield limited edition bronzes (purchased as present for Fred!!)

This print I purchased from Ebay for £4.50 and was a print from an original by an artist from Tiverton, Devon. The photo does not do the print justice, and I like this one!.

Glass carved model of a Deerhound (modern)

This model was made in the USA by Liz McInnis. It won the competition for the best piece of art/craft Deerhound related at the speciality. The coat is made of actual fur.


Modern deerhound -resin



Miss Noble and hounds - artist Mick Causton

A collection of Dufault dogs - by Sheena MacCall

The Deerhound Club - silver spoon for members only

Champion Pedigree books (still obtainable) Limited Edition of 300

A 22" bronze of a Deerhound - by Connie Fernaut - Holland 1994

Wooden Deerhound USA

A limited edition of 100 - BRAN



A Bronze from the French School 19th century, a dark patinated bronze Hound at rest, rectangular rosewood crossbanded mahogany plinth 19cm wide, 15cm high c 1880

1800 watercolour - deerhound on riverbank

northlight porcelain deerhound

A modern porcelain moving deerhound

French school 19th century, a dark patinated bronze of a howling deerhound on a leafy oval base, rosewood plinch 24cm wide 18cm high c. 1860


Print - artist H Dicksee

Modern mirror etched with two running Deerhounds

Deerhound print - artist Mick Causton



made in usa

I thought this would be a nice item for your collectables page to show: a sculpture by 19th century French animalier Jules Moigniez, which we bought on Ebay. Unmistakably a deerhound.
Regards, Yvonne de Ruiter

After Landseer - charcoal 1900

Very large Ansell print - purchased at auction from Mrs Mirium Dickinson's estate.