Thank you to our judge Dee who handled a large entry of 23 hounds (for a open show of ) 6 absent , I think everyone enjoyed the day, we certainly did. A 1/2 hour video of Anastasia Noble at Ardkinglas for the people who never knew her and lots of food and laughs back at Kilbourne. My thanks to our friends for their help on the day, they know who they are. Due to ill health Nic Bailey Sam Taylor were absent at the show but joined us for the party and Jean and Tom Rhodes made a welcome appearance.

We discussed with the secretary the idea that there would be 6 classes next year with two C list judges. Our motive is to help young inexperienced judges gain experience. We would not enter and make ourselves available should a referee be needed. Please let us know your thoughts on this idea before it is put to the Belper committee.

from our Judge: Dee Blatchford.

Thanks to the exhibitors, some who travelled a considerable distance, for giving a super entry of 23 hounds for me to judge. Well organised show, good atmosphere and excellent post-show brunch at Kilbourne.




1. Peach’s Kilbourne Tyne. Rangy 8 month old dog. Dark, crisp coat. Dark eye and correct ear set and typical expression. Strong neck into correct shoulder assembly. Good, well knuckled feet. Pasterns a little slack but this is only to be expected with a young, fast-growing hound. Good rear angulation. Moved well with a long stride. Promising youngster. BP & RBOB.

2. Spring-Arnold’s Chuillinn Bellina. Much smaller and lighter build than 1. However, she has adequate bone and still looks like she could do the job for which the breed was originally intended. Feminine head and expression. Good, neat feet. Good front assembly and balanced rear angulation with adequate width behind. A little playful on the move at times but moved well when settled.

3rd Puppy Marvion Florence

Res Puppy Stormforest Naharris

VHC Kilbourne Stanley


1. Steele’s Cotherstone the Barrister at Sorimsway. 2 year old dark dog. Soft expression and dark eye. Ears a little large but correctly set and folded. Good strong neck into correct shoulder. Good depth of brisket. Balanced angulation front and rear. Well presented. Moved OK with a long stride. Still needs to fully mature. It will be interesting to see him as a 4 year old to see how he develops.

2. Hall’s Wolfscastle Caradog. Another 2 year old who is still very much an adolescent. Fidgety when standing but OK when settled. Good length of muzzle, dark eye and good ear set with a typical expression. Adequate, balanced angulation front and rear. Movement a little erratic and paced some of the time. However, when settled he was balanced and moved OK.

3RD Regalflight Raffia of Lairigefyne



1. Greenhalgh’s Regalflight Poacher at Leksmoor. 2 year old dog. Presented a balanced picture. Good typical head with good length to muzzle. Neat ears and typical expression. Good front assembly and well made shoulder. Good length in ribbing. Good topline and correct fall away at croup. Movement balanced and true.

2. Peach’s Kilbourne Zoe. 14 months old but much larger boned and more workmanlike than 1. Would prefer a darker eye and smaller ears but this did not spoil her lovely expression. Good construction front and rear. Balanced angulation. Movement OK. Adequate width behind but a little unsettled which made her move a little close behind. Promising youngster – another one who I would love to see at 4 years old when she has grown into herself.

3rd Cotherstone heartbreaker with Sorimsway

Res Kilbourne Twist




1. Davis’s Kilbourne Nimble at Marivon. 3 year old lighter grey hound. Very typical head and expression. Good front assembly with well laid shoulder. A little down on her front pasterns today but this may be improved with exercise. Good depth of brisket. Good rear angulation with correct fall away at croup. A little sluggish but moved OK.

2. Johnson’s Brackenland Waltz for Kilbourne. Veteran 7 year old hound. Typical head and expression. Good depth of brisket. Presented a balanced picture. Overall in good condition for her age. Moved OK.


1. Peach’s Kilbourne Liberty. 22month old feminine, shapely bitch. Typical head and expression with correct ear. Strong neck into well made shoulder. Straight front and good feet. Good depth of brisket and length in ribbing. Well angulated. Moved straight and true with drive. The best movement today. BOB.

2. Peach’s Kilbourne Wendela. 4 year old mother of 1. Long cast bitch but I would prefer her length to be more in her ribbing rather than her loin. Good head and ear. Straight front. Movement a little sluggish today.