My thanks to my most efficient and helpful stewards and to the exhibitors who brought such a varied selection of hounds especially the youngsters. Deerhounds grow rapidly and mature slowly which makes judging youngsters a challenge. A growth spurt can alter a pup's appearance from “swan” to “ugly duckling” and vice versa in a matter of days and can very quickly result in changing places.
Deerhounds don't seem to show at their best indoors. Movement of a lot of dogs was rather slack and while I thought feet were generally better there were few with tight well knuckled feet. I hope that this is due to relative lack of hard exercise in the recent hot weather. I was looking for well constructed, well muscled hounds of medium height , “hunters rather than clydesdales” and was pleased with my winners.

PD (5,1) 1Cartmell's Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun. Well grown pup with good head, neat ears '
dark eyes. Strong neck. Nicely put together with good balance for age. Feet OK. Sound springy movement. Best Puppy 2) Cunningham's Teviotdale Banner Blue.Rangier type. Masculine head with well carried ears and nice dark eye. Has forechest . Balanced and well muscled for age. Good feet. Not such free movement as 1 3)MacBean's Killoeter Ruaig.

JD (2,0) 1 Smith-Fenton & Doak's Rosslyn Reiver. Very good youngster with substance without coarseness Good length of muzzle without being snipey. Strong neck and well laid back shoulders.
Well ribbed up. Good feet. Movement sound. 2)Addy's Fintralgor Fickle Fortune, Shorter muzzle.
Overall balance not quite so good as 1 at present. Preferred the depth and tuck up of 1. Reasonably good feet.

YD(2,0) 1 Taylor's Kilbourne Usher to Ormanstar. Attractive light grey dog maturing well. Well muscled and not too tall. Good head though neck perhaps longer than called for. Correct quarters and forechest Well muscled. Feet a bit flat today. Moved out well. Very well presented. RCC
2 Smith-Fenton's Intack Royal Scot. Tall light brindle dog, lacking substance at present. Attractive head with long muzzle. Well muscled neck. A much slower maturing type and needs lots of time.

PGD (8,0) 1 Andrews & Milne's Islay's Iarla (Deu Imp) Not a tall dog but packed with solid muscle
that promised speed and strength. Typical head with kind dark eye. Neat ears. Strong, not too long neck. Good balanced angulation. Muscled second thigh. Good feet. Sound flowing movement. CC 2 Cartmell's Ruairidh Macratha of Cusidh.*** Slightly smaller dog but again with a coformation suggesting speed matched with strength. Head with slightly more marked stop than ideal. Well
muscled and balanced. Nicely sloping pasterns and good feet. 3 Swanson's Menteith Declan

LD (7,!) 1 Cartmell's Cusidh Homecoming Smaller dog than 2 with slightly better angulation, reflected in his free true movement. Typy head with soft expression. Strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good well knuckled feet. 2 Peach's Kilbourne Nico Younger dog and rather upright in front at present. Good head with neat well folded ears. Strong neck. Nice deep chest. Feet not as good as 1 and movement not as free. 3 Grogan's Albaeirn Dava

OD (2, !) 1 Morton & Morgan's Ch Cotherstone Shot and Steel Well built dog with good lay back of shoulder. Perhaps too much condition.but well muscled. Good quarters and reasonable forechest
Good top line. Very attractive head with neat ears. Moved out well.

PB (8,2) 1 Swanson's Cotherstone Brogue Well grown pup. Well muscled for her age. Attractive feminine head. Good strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Well angulated balanced quarters. Moving out soundly. 2 Cartmell's Cusidh Dreaming Spirit Another promising puppy with good conformation and curves in all the right places. Well laid back shoulders. Moving with enthusiasm. .3 Constantine's Cotherstone Islay Mist of Kaleginy

JB (2,0) 1 Foote & Crossan's Fintralgor Red Red Rose. More mature with better balance reflected in her easier movement. Well angulated front and rear. Good depth. Good feet. 2 Robertson's Chuilinn Whisper. Almost four months younger. Attractive head and good neck. Good length and depth of body. Not so well angulated at present and preferred movement of 1.

YB (3,0) 1 Doak's Rosslyn Qorrie .A good size of bitch. Maturing well. Shapely with curves in all the right places. Well proportioned head with neat well set ears. Strong neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Balanced with good angulation. Excellent feet. Moved out well 2 Ellse's Kilbourne Unity. Rangier bitch. Head with more marked stop and longer neck. More upright front than 1. Good length and depth. Feet OK Moving well 3 Steele's Brylach Ophelia of Sorimsway.

PG B (2,0) 1 Constantine's Gentihuin Tulip of Kaleginy Larger of the two and light grey. Typy head with dark eye. Good strong neck Balanced, well constructed. Feet a bit flat. Marginally better movement. 2 Andrews & Milne's Leoch Isla Smaller dark bitch. Good head and generally good conformation in hard condition. On another day these could change places.

LB (8,0) Spoilt for choice in this class with a variety of types.1 Barret's Stranwith Ariadne This lovely bitch stood out from the crowd. Her slighter size and flowing curves disguised the underlying powerful muscles. She had the lovliest head with a kind soft expression. Her excellent construction was reflected in her easy true movement. CC, BoB 2 Morton & Morgan's Cotherstone Duchenne a heavier bitch but so well constructed. A lighter grey with a strong deep body and well muscled and angulated quarters. Moved soundly. 3 Doak's Rosslyn Pledge

OB (5,3) This was probably the closest decision of the day. 1 Taylor's Ch Kilbourne Baccarat to Ormanstar. Four year old of great quality. Beautifully presented. Good head and strong neck though perhaps a little long. Good body length and depth . Feet not her fortune. Moved with drive.
2 Barret's Stranwith Morag Eight year old bitch of tremendous quality. Not the largest of deerhounds but within the standard. All curves and well muscled . Gentle expression. Neat ears. Movement sound and a great deal better than many of the younger dogs.

Marjory. McKinnon (Judge)