My thanks to Dawn Richarsdson for these images - if you want to use any please get a donation to Arundawndogrescue as usual.

Judge Jeff Horswell

I'm sure this was not a representative entry. I did find rather too many light eyes, which spoil the expression and are really most untypical. Out and back movement was far better than previously.

Whilst the ring was a little damp a the end I took this into account and tried only to watch the hounds move over he drier part of the ring. Luckily we were finished before the rain started.

slip slip sliding to victory .................

Veteran D n/e

Minor Puppy D n/e

Puppy D n/e

Junior D (3,1)

Both 14 months and sound moving hounds.

1st: HINDSLEY Mrs L E Celticmoon Zephyr

Is just a bit more curvy in outline at the moment than 2. Lengthy head with dark eyes, neat ears. Strong neck, well laid shoulder. Needs to spring in rib. Strong rear. Nice feet. True out and back with a springy stride.

2nd: SMITH-FENTON, Mr H & Mrs L & DOAK Mr B Rosslyn Reiver

Also moves out with a stringy stride, 1 has just a bit more length to it. Masculine head, eyes could be a shade darker. Lengthy neck. Not the front angulation of 1 well sprung rigs, flatter in topline. Well made rear.


Post Grad D (1)

1st: SWANSON Mr I R & Mrs L Menteith Declan

Fairly typical in outine and a fair mover. Could be a little more masculine all through and lacks strength of under jaw. Lengthy neck, well laid shoulder, fair rear, could have a little more depth of body and spring of rib. Tight feet.

Limit D (2)

1st: HAWKINS Mr D & Mrs S Kwaricott Corelli

Good mover with a springy stride and fairly true out and back. Masculine head, good eye and expression. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder, with good depth of chest. Just a bit too long and flat in topline, well bent stifle and low hocks. Coat could be slightly harsher.

2nd: BAILEY Miss K Breesfalt Jacob Of Camuscuin

Coat is a better texture than it looks. Lengthy head. Strong neck. A tendency to knuckle in front and not the extension of winner. Nice topline and holds it on move. Fair rear. Ring tail detracts slightly.

Open D (3)

1 hound withdrew, which left 2 v good dogs of different types.

1st: A MORTON & J MORGAN Ch Cotherstone Shot nd Steel

I found him just the bit more curvy of these 2. Lovely head with darker eye and hence better expression than 2. He has a well laid shoulder, could have a little more fill of chest. Deep chest, well sprung ribs go well back. Strong loin. Good rear. Is v accurate front and rear and a long stride, maybe could have a little more spring to his step CC & BOB

2nd: SPENCE, Mrs L A & HEATHCOTE Miss N Ch Hyndsight Riddick

Liked his masculine head with well set ears. Strong neck of correct length. Nice depth of chest, enough spring of rib but probably not fully mature yet. Strong rear. A little too steep in croup. He too goes round with a lengthy stride, could be fractionally more accurate. RCC

Veteran B (1)

1st: HOGAN Mrs L B & Mr E Tillyhilt Little Eva To Breesfalt

Lovely coated b, with a v pleasing head, dark eyes giving a most typical expression. Enough neck. Slight tendency to knuckle in front. Like her shape stood, but moves with rear under her and rather steep in croup. Tight feet.

Minor Puppy B n/e

Puppy B (3)

1st: CONSTANTINE Mrs K Cotherstone Islay Mist Of Kaleginy

V promising pup of v good type. Fem head with dark eyes and a lovely expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good legs and feet. Enough body for her age. Just slightly better in croup than 2, who she is v similar to, turns turns out they are sisters? She has a good rear. True mover with a light, springy stride. BP

2nd: 450 SWANSON Mr I R & Mrs L Cotherstone Brogue

Fem, type b with a v good head, eye and expression. Lengthy neck. She just looks bit too short in body at times. Super coat. Not turn of hock of 1 but close up and v promising.

3rd: KILGAR Miss D Kilbourne Penelope at Maelstrom

Junior B (2)
1st: HELPS, Dr S A F & KERMACK Miss R J Beardswood Rona
Really lovely type b, just v raw as yet. Super head, dark eyes. Ears could be smaller. Lengthy neck with good width. Needs to fill in chest and shoulder could be better laid. Lovely body for her are, curvy topline, correct croup, well turned stifle. Has a lengthy springy stride. Should do v well.

2nd: CROSSAN, Mr G & FOOTE Miss A Fintralgor Red Red Rose

Lots to admire about this most promising b as well. Has a v good head, dark eyes. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Well filled front. A little steep in croup and at times didn't use her rear too well, then lengthened out in stride, but she didn't have the lovely light spring of 1. Should also do plenty of winning.

Post Grad B (3)

1st: CONSTANTINE Mrs K Gentiehun Adelaide Of Kaleginy

Really lovely type b, in super coat and v well muscled up. Fem head, with dark eyes giving typical expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Can still fill in front but has well sprung ribs. Holds correct topline, strong rear fairly good mover out and back, light, long springy stride in profile. Thought her young still but a lovely prospect RCC, interesting to see I have given her sire a CC

2nd: SMART Miss A M Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel

Nice sort of b, who beat 3 on her better topline. Fem head, eyes could be slightly darker. Strong neck, with mane. Correct coat texture. Can still body up. Has a correct topline, well bent stifle and nice hocks. Moves with lengthy stride.

3rd: DAVIS M W & Y Kilbourne Nimble at Marivon

Limit B (4)

1st: CROSSAN, Mr G & FOOTE Miss A Cusidh Caol Muile

Nice type of b who has a fem head, dark eyes. Good neck of strength and correct thickness. Best front in class. Well sprung ribs, curvy topline. Well muscled rear, could be more positive going away, true in front and has a lengthy, light stride.

2nd: PURSGLOVE Mr K Stranwith Aria at Roguesmoor Sh.CM

Nice outline. Fem head better eyes than those she beat in both colour and shape. Super neck. A bit slack in pastern, which also showed on move. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle and good hock. Lengthy stride.

3rd: JOHNSON Mr & Mrs M Brackenland Waltz For Kilbourne

Open B (3)

1st: A MORTON & J MORTON Cotherstone Duchenne

V typical b who moves out well and is pretty true coming and going. Lengthy head, eyes just a little wide apart. Has a v good neck, well made front if just a little upright in pastern. Super fill of chest and depth of brisket. Well ribbed with a v good topline. Strong rear and well let down hock. In correct harsh jacket. CC making her a Ch.

2nd: MORGAN Mrs P A Ch Ladygrove Calamity Jane At Amiro

This b is well made and v good to go over. Head is a little plain. Super neck and in v good coat. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, correct topline, strong rear. absolutely precise out and back but not stride of 1 in front. For me she just looks a little short in foreleg.

3rd: TAYLOR Mrs S J Ch Kilbourne Baccarat To Ormanstar

Jeff Horswell