Bournemouth Show Deerhounds

First I would like to thank my efficient stewards who carried out their duties most Professionally. Since the last time I judged I found that close movement behind in A significant number of hounds also large ears seem to be creeping in and quite a few Hounds ears left hairy. There was evidence of short straight upper arms and lacking quality in a number of exhibits. But on a Good note my hounds that took top honours I felt did their breed proud and as one would expect all temperaments where good.

Veteran Dog

  1. Mr. & Mrs. T Edwards Brackenland Ran
    Lovely type Masculine Head with soft expression, well angulated front and rear
    Well off for bone, good deep body, harsh coat completed the picture, moved
    True with good reaching stride, pleased to award him best veteran

.Puppy D. 3 (0)

  1. Mrs. C. Jenkins Kilbourne Poacher sweet head with dark eye well
    Grown, well angulated behind, would prefer more return of upper arm
    Coat rather soft at present. Moved well
  2. Miss. H. Jansons Gadhar Torr Rigs O’Barley to Nixophel
    Up on the leg at present, needs to deepen, sweet head with kind expression
    Nicely angulation behind, good lay of shoulder, but again upper arm rather short
    And straight, moved true,
  3. Ms. D. Forbes-Hamilton Menegh’s Talek

JD 3 (Abs2)

  1. Mr. Mrs. L. Faircloth Beardswood Ripley for Calbraidh
    Solid individual a little Corse in head, good angulations front and rear, good harsh
    Coat, feet could have been tighter, moved true with drive


  1. Dr. S. Helps & Mrs. H. Helps Beardswood Quinlan
    Handsome dog of lovely type, good head strong neck leading to well laid shoulders
    Would prefer better return of upper arm, nice depth of body leading to strong well
    Angulated rear, harsh coat, moved well
  2. Mr. A. Mrs. V. Lewis Wickwar Wilson to Luckhurst
    A little strong in head, good lay of shoulder; nice depth well angulated rear with low
    Set hocks, slightly longer cast not so well balanced as 1st. Or as mature, moved with


LD 6 (3abs)

  1. Mr. M & Mrs. G. Peach Greyflax Taylor Made for Kilbourne
    Lovely type, good size but not lacking in quality sweet head with soft expression, strong
    Neck leading to well laid shoulders, lovely depth with sweeping Quarters, correct coat completed the picture, moved effortlessly was pleased to award Him the RCC.
  2. Mrs. L.B.Jackson Ghiltan Hero good head and expression, good depth of body, well
    Angulated behind a little loose in front, good coat.
  3. Mr & Mrs. C. Wilson Sireadh Chase


Open D. 4 (1)

  1. Spence L.A. & Heathcote Miss N. Ch. Hyndsight Riddick
    Very impressive dog rising 4 just reaching maturity, good substansual hound while maintaing
    Excellent quality. masculine head with soft expression, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders
    Good depth of body with correct spring of rib, correct tuck up with width through the lion, strong
    Well angulated rear, short hocks and good feet, correct harsh coat completed the picture. Moved
    True coming and going and extended well in profile, pleased to award him D.CC & Best of Breed.
  2. Ms. A. Morton & Mr. J. Morgan Ch. Cotherstone Shot and Steel
    Another impressive Hound, lovely type masculine head with soft expression, strong neck, good
    Depth of body, leading to strong loin and sweeping quarters, correct bone, good feet and coat, just proffered front angulation of 1st, moved true
  3. Ms. S. Lux Ch. Regalflight Tarloch

VB 5 (2)

  1. Miss H. Jansons Ch. Nixophel Crystal Amethyst JW. Sh.CM
    Lovely type sweet head well angulated front and rear, good depth of body,
    Correct bone and feet Moved sound and true
  2. Ms. K. Barret Stranwith Morag feminine head with neat ears, well angulated front and
    Rear, good depth of body and correct coat, moved sound and true.
  3. Mrs. C. Wilsons Killoeter Lurag for Hamiltonhill

Puppy Bitch 2

  1. Ms. M. Sturat & Ms. K. Holt Lairigefyne Garron at Ollandsheart
    Sweet feminine head, well off for bone, well angulated front and rear,
    Unsettled on the move, but saw enough to see she was sound, good depth
    Of body,
  2. Ms. H. Jansons Cufiadh Swan Maiden to Nixophel
    Not the depth and substance of 1st, but sweet head and expression, nice curvy
    Quarters, upper arm a little short and straight, mover true.

JB (8) Abs 2

  1. Ms. K. Tresh Lyndorthwin Ethel Grey
    Really liked this youngster, very workman like, good head nicely folded ears, strong neck
    Leading to well laid shoulders, good depth of body with correct spring of rib, good width
    Through lion, leading to correct bend of stifle and low set hocks, well off for bone and good
    Harsh coat, not behaving herself but saw enough to see she moved sound and true.
  2. Mr. M. J. & Mrs. G. Peach Nimloth Brooke of Kilbourne
    Also liked this bitch very much, sweet head with neat ears, strong neck leading to well laid
    Shoulders, not quite the depth of 1st at present, well angulated quarters, good feet and bone
    Correct coat, moved with drive.
  3. Mr. G. & Mrs. N. Bailey Greyflax Dear Prudence

GB (2)

  1. Mrs. L. Seymour-Jackson Cassacre Aelfrida of Ghiltan
    Lovely type correct head, strong neck leading to well laid shoulder, would prefer
    Better return of upper arm, good bone and feet, moved well.
  2. Mr. & Mrs. L Faircloth Beardswood Poesy at Calbraidh
    Nice head & expression strong neck leading to well laid shoulder but short and straight
    In upper arm giving her a wide stance in front, good harsh coat, sweeping quarters moved
    Well in profile.

PGB (4)

  1. Ms. J. Ellse Kilbourne Unity
    Really liked this bitch very workman like good head neat ears, strong neck, well laid shoulders
    With correct return off upper arm, good depth of body with correct spring of rib, good under
    Line, correct length of loin leading to strong quarters well let down hocks, good bone and feet,
    Correct harsh coat, moved true coming and going and good extension and drive in profile.
    Pleased to award her BRCC
  2. Mrs. J Bond Regalfight Civet
    Larger type than 1st, correct head with nice ears, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders
    Nice return of upper arm, good bone & feet, good depth and spring of rib, but felt she was
    Carrying a bit too much weight which spoilt her outline, lovely sweeping quarters and low set
    Hocks, lethargic on the move
  3. Mr. G. & Mrs. N. Bailey Greyflax just Peachy

LB (9) Abs. 3

  1. Mr. A. & Mrs. V. Lewis Greyhawks Romanie Rakli to Luckhurst
    Again very workman like, good head with neat ears, strong neck leading to best of shoulders
    And return of upper arm, correct depth & spring of rib, with strong lion leading to sweeping quarters
    With correct width of second thigh, correct under line, good bone, feet and coat completed the
    Picture. Coming and going moved with the correct width and in profile moved with drive. Very pleased to award her the BCC.
  2. Mrs. E. Barter & Mrs. A. Christian Hydsight Wind Dancer of Ehlaradawn
    Nice head & expression, a little short cast, but well angulated front & rear
    Good depth of body with correct under line, good coat, moved true with drive

Open B. (8) Abs.2

  1. Mrs. S.E.Barter & Mrs. A.B.Christian Hoddingrey Strahanna of Ehlaradawn
    Sweet head & expression would prefer smaller ears. Strong neck leading to well
    Laid shoulder with good return of upper arm, correct depth & spring of rib, sweeping
    Quarters & low set hocks. Moved well.
  2. Mrs. G. & Mrs. N. Bailey Ch. Greyflax Crystal
    Sweet head nicely folded ears; strong neck well laid shoulders, correct depth and spring of rib. Good cut up, correct bend of stifle, blowing her coat and very reluctant to move today.

Judge: Mrs. Jocelyn Duddell