South West Hound Association Open Show 2013 Critique

Mrs Pip Buswell ( Glenmorlich ) judged 5 classes of Deerhounds.
Special Yearling. 2/2
1st. and Best Puppy. Carr's Kanba Tamsin. 11 mnth old bitch puppy of beautiful breed type. Correct soft expression in her lovely dark eye, skull well proportioned and finished off with a large and drooping nose. Well developed neck leading into
an excellent front assembly. She has sloping pasterns and good feet, is already very well bodied and is ribbed well back. Good topline leading into a well sloping croup, good width of first and second thigh, hocks well let down. She moved well
for one so young showing a long ground covering stride. I think her to be a lovely hound in the making.

2nd. Janson's Gadhar Torr Rigs O'Barley to Nixophel. 7 mnth old dog puppy who is of good breed type with a kind expression and well set small ears. Good length of neck, good feet, sufficient ribbing but needs to drop in brisket, excellent hind quarters and a long tail. He was not settled on the move but has a long time ahead of him to learn to co-operate with his very patient owner !

Post Graduate. 3/3
1st. Schaanning Ling's Beardswood Quiver. 2 yr old dog . Very masculine, well bodied Deerhound with small ears set high and a crisp, dark coat. Strong neck well set into good shoulder, good length of upper arm, good forechest and deep through
the heart. Good feet. Sufficient rise over loin, first and second thigh of sufficient width. He moved with freedom and ease.

2nd. Seymour-Jackson's Cassacre Aelfrida of Ghiltan. 3 yr old bitch of very nice breed type. Very feminine with a sweet and gentle expression in her dark eyes . Neck of sufficient length, shoulder and upper arm good, topline showing rise over
loin and sweeping into good hind quarters.

Limit. 1/1
1st. Cheshire's Kilbourne Hennessey Junior of Deeranwith. 4 yr old dog. A very masculine dog with a gentle expression, dark eye and small high set ears. Strong neck well muscled at the nape. He is well ribbed back, shows great depth through
the heart, has sufficient rise over loin and has strong quarters showing good width of first thigh. His tail is both long and strong. Movement was adequate.

Open Dog. 3/2
1st. and RBOB. Cheshire's Kilbourne Nuin of Deeranwith. Masculine dog of good breed type, nice head and expression, strong well muscled neck into good shoulder. Good forelegs and feet, very well ribbed back, forechest good and showing good
depth through the heart. Correct topline sweeping into well sloping croup and his hind quarters show good development of first and second thigh with the desired great length from hip to hock. His tail is long and strong and he has good, tight feet. He
moved well.

2nd. Seymour-Jackson's Ghiltan Hero. Another thoroughly masculine Deerhound of good breed type. Many of the attributes of my winner apply to this dog too but I prefered the movement of the winner.

Open Bitch. 4/2
1st and BOB. Cheshire's Kilbourne Teine. A thoroughly feminine and workman-like bitch of very pleasing breed type. She has an extremely sweet and gentle expression in her dark eyes, small and high set ears, a strong neck well muscled at the
nape, very well set into a correctly sloping shoulder and having good length of upper arm. She has very good feet, pasterns showing the desired and necessary slope. Bone showing enough strength for a working hound without loosing any of her
feminine looks. She is deep bodied and very well ribbed back, good topline into strong hind quarters with hocks well let down and a good length hip to hock. I find her to be both moderate and well balanced in construction and that showed in her
sound, ground covering trot. I could picture her doing a day's work on the hill.

2nd. Guise's Saintvalery Inspiration. An extremely pretty head and such a lovely expression in her eye but she is just slightly short in foreface for me. Small ears and a strong neck well set into the best front of the day. She has great depth
through the heart, is well bodied with a good topline and powerful hindquarters.
She was enjoying her day out too much to settle on the move !