BEST OF BREED : TAYLOR, PEACH'S Ch Brackenland Tan at Kilbourne (L)
Bitch CC : TAYLOR, PEACH'S Ch Brackenland Tan at Kilbourne
Dog CC : WRAGG'S Neroche Irving (Middle)
Best Puppy : PEACH'S Nimloth Brooke Of Kilbourne (R)

Res Dog CC : TROTMAN, DOCKREE'S Regalflight Princequillo Of Penherald )R)

BEST VETERAN AND RES BITCH CC : WILSON 'S Killoeter Lurag For Hamiltonhill (L)

MINOR PUPPY DOG (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: PEACH'S Nimloth Bilbo Of Kilbourne

This seven month old baby is surprisingly well finished for age, beautifully boned and bodied. Pleasant head, good neck and forehand, excellent feet; excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Lovely side action. Very promising youngster.

2nd: FAIRCLOTH'S Beardswood Ripley For Calbraidh

At Just six months he is a very shapely baby, sweet head, good front for his age, good topline but tends to slope off over his croup. Free side action, but very babyish when coming and going away. A very pleasant puppy


JUNIOR DOG (2 Entries) Abs: 2

POST GRADUATE DOG (6 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: HELPS' Beardswood Quinlan

Most handsome dog of 21 months, a very exciting prospect for the future. Very nice head, good neck well set into very good shoulders; still somewhat upright over the upper arm and would like to see more fill in front, proper bone for size. Firm topline, good croup and tail set, nicely angulated hindquarters. Excels in his free ground covering side action, but still needs to strengthen behind as yet. Overall a very well balanced dog.

2nd: STEELE'S Harropine Celtic Warrior For Sorimsway

Harropine Celtic Warrior For Sorimsway. Very shapely dog, much younger looking overall, very nice head, neck and front, very forward set, and needs forechest, excellent flow over the topline to croup. Nicely angulated hindquarters, rather short tail. Needs to deepen in chest for overall balance. Free and easy side but very loose in front action, especially pasterns.

3rd: FELLER, FELLER'S Regalflight Cullan

LIMIT DOG (7 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: WRAGG'S Neroche Irving

Beautifully  proportioned and balanced three year old dog. Handsome masculine head, excellent neck and shoulders, and nice fill to front; proper bone for size, good feet. Excellent, firm, well muscled topline well set croup, strong hindquarters. Lovely mover, strong elastic and true. A lovely example of his breed, and with no exaggerations.

2nd: SEYMOUR-JACKSON'S Ghiltan Hero

Ghiltan Hero. Another fine example of type in this six year old; standing he presents such a beautiful outline. Pleasant head, excellent neck and forehand, excellent bone for size, feet rather long and would like more depth of pad. Wonderful flow over the topline and croup to well angulated hindquarters. Although a very good mover, could show more enthusiasm.

3rd: MORTON, MORGAN'S Cotherstone Shot And Steel

Res: BOND'S Mrs J Pyefleet Silas

OPEN DOG (8 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: TROTMAN, DOCKREE'S Regalflight Princequillo Of Penherald

This six year old is of wonderfully old-fashioned type and I just loved him! Lovely head with  beautifully folded, rather deep set, ears, excellent neck and forehand, proper bone for size, somewhat long feet, beautiful definition to underline, most beautiful flow over the topline and croup to well angulated hindquarters.Beautiful true rear action, and also very clean in front action. Lovely free side action once he got going. Altogether a lovely dog; and I note he is through the sire Wild West, to my Crufts Dog CC winner from a number of years ago, Peacemaker, and in so many respects very similar.

2nd: PEACH Mr M J & Mrs G M Kilbourne Hector To Oelmuhle

Kilbourne Hector To Oelmuhle. Very much liked this three year old dog, he has a lovely outline, rather longer in overall proportions but still very much in balance. Lovely head, somewhat round eye and ears could be better folded,excellent neck, shoulder and forequarters. Proper bone for size. Strong and well muscled topline, well defined , excellent croup and hindquarters. Most impressive on the move, where he is light, free and covers the ground. Beautiful young dog who should mature into an even better hound with age.

3rd: ADAMS Miss B Ch Ardneish Lohengrin

Res: GIRLING Miss M J Ch Pyefleet Rollo

VETERAN DOG (1 Entries) Abs: 1


MINOR PUPPY BITCH (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PEACH Mr M J & Mrs G M Nimloth Brooke Of Kilbourne

Peach's Nimloth Brooke Of  Kilbourne. Very similar to her litter brother who won PD, this seven month old baby is very well balanced and so well finished for her age. Lovely head with small well folded, well set ears, giving this pretty expression. Good neck and front, tidy over the elbows, very nice topline and finish over the croup and hindquarters. Free and happy mover. Scored over the older bitch puppy on her true action.

2nd: HELPS Dr S A F & Mrs H B Beardswood Rhymi

Beardswood Rhymi. Just six months old, and with a wonderful outline, but understandably not as together on the move. Lovely head, good front, proper bone for size, wonderful flow over the topline and croup to nicely angulated hindquarters. Certainly a most promising baby.

3rd: CARR'S Kanba Tamsin

Res: CROSSAN, Mr G & FOOTE Miss A Fintralgor Red Rose

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VHC: TRESH Ms K Lyndorthwin Ethel Grey NAF

PUPPY BITCH (5 Entries) Abs: 2

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1st: BAILEY'S Greyflax Dear Prudence

Very well grown nine month old baby, with a lovely outline. Lovely head and expression, good neck,somewhat forward set, very good bone for size. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters, which still need to strengthen. Free and fluid side action. Another most promising puppy.

2nd: STEELE Mrs L Brylach Ophelia Of Sorimsway

Brylach Ophelia Of Sorisway. Very nice dark bitch, very nearly 12 months of age, rather more angular in outline. Nice feminine head, rather small eyes, good neck, forward set front, with upright upper arm at present, proper bone for size. Firm topline, croup rather steep; hindquarters could show more angulation and has rather high hocks. Free side action, but tends to move high and loose in front.

3rd: CARTMELL, CARTMELL 'S Brylach Over The Broomstick With Cusidh

JUNIOR BITCH (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MOONEY 'S Rosslyn Quartet

Mooney's Rosslyn Quartet. Beautiful young bitch of 14 months, stands out for her wonderful light and elastic ground covering action. Delightful head, good ears, good neck and forehand, proper bone for size, with lovely feet. Excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Certainly one for the future!

2nd: CONSTANTINE'S Gentiehun Adelaide Of Kaleginy

Gentlehun Adelaide Of Kaleginy. Another shapely youngster, pleasant head, nice over the front with proper bone for size, good topline, croup and hindquarters. Very nice side action, free and easy.

3rd: ELLSE'S Kilbourne Unity

Res: DAVIS' Kilbourne Nimble

VHC: SPRING-ARNOLD'S Gentiehun Alice Springs

Class 2368 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: JOHNSON'S Brackenland Waltz For Kilbourne

Dark four year old bitch of lovely type and outline, and stood out for her smooth, lithe action. Lovely head and expression, very good neck and forehand, proper bone for size, excellent over the topline and croup, nicely angulated strong hindquarters. Free and true mover, and overall a really well balanced bitch of lovely quality. I note that she is litter sister to the Bitch CC winner.

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2nd: SEYMOUR-JACKSON'S Cassacre Aelfrida Of Ghiltan

Cassacre Aelfrida Of Ghiltan. Three year old bitch of lovely type. Beautiful head and expression, good neck and front, proper bone for size, tends to toe out from the pasterns and rather long feet. Beautiful definition to topline, excellent croup and hindquarters. Lovely side action and true on the move.

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3rd: GIRLING'S Pyefleet Scrumpie

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Res: CONSTANTINE'S Gentiehun Tulip Of Kaleginy

VHC: BAILEY'S Greyflax Just Peachy


Class 2369 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BARTER, CHRISTIAN'S Hyndsight Wind Dancer Of Ehlaradawn

Not as good a class as the previous class. 1 Barter & Christian's Hyndsight Wind Dancer Of Ehlaradawn. Two year old of very good outline and type, still rather immature looking, who won the class on her free ground covering action. Nice head and expression, good neck and front, rather forward set, proper bone for size, excellent top line but croup rather steep, good hindquarters.

2nd: CHESHIRE Mr & Mrs M A Kilbourne Teine

Kilbourne Teine. Four year old bitch not making the most of herself. Nice head, good neck and forehand, very good over the top line and croup to nicely angulated hindquarters. Wish she had used her quarters better as she was not very free on the move, with rather a limited side action.

3rd: MORTON, MORGAN'S Cothertone Duchenne

Res STUART, HOLT'S Pyefleet Skatha At Ollandsheart

VHC: TROTMAN'S Stainlonan Kulang Of Penherald

Class 2370 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: TAYLOR, PEACH'S Ch Brackenland Tan at Kilbourne

How beautifully this bitch has matured since I last judged her; she must now be at her prime. Lovely head and expression, well folded ears, just the right amount of strength in her neck to give her balance, excellent well angulated front, proper bone for size, somewhat long feet, excellent depth of body with nicely defined underline, good croup to strong hindquarters of proper angulation. Overall so well balanced, that nothing takes away from the beautiful overall picture. And she moves as well as she looks, which is not always the case. A truly beautiful bitch!

2nd: BAILEY'S Ch Greyflax Crystal

Ch Greyflax Crystal. A year younger and not in quite the sparkling condition of  the winner, still a lovely bitch of beautiful type. Lovely head, very good neck and front, proper bone for size, good firm topline, well set croup and nicely angulated hindquarters. Free and sometimes a bit extravagant mover. Like her very much and I feel she will be better yet with age.

3rd: PEACH'S Ch Kilbourne Teliah

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Res: ADAM'S Ch Ardneish Pantalaimon

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VHC: LAWLER'S Ir Ch Rosslyn Pentacle

Class 2371 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WILSON'S Killoeter Lurag For Hamiltonhill

Wilson's Killoeter Lurag For Hamiltonhill. What a beautiful in this seven year old bitch. Very beautiful head and expression, nice over the neck and front, proper bone for size, good flow over the topline to nicely set croup. Lovely hindquarters, which are starting to show the effects of ge. Really lovely to see her move from the side, so easy and with that additional dignity that comes with maturity. Perhaps not as strong coming and going any more but for sheer breed type she had to win the Res. CC.

2nd: FAIRCLOTH's Beardswood Niamh At Calbraidh

Very well preserved dark bitch of seven years. Lovely greying face with beautiful dark eyes, good neck and front, excellent flow over the topline to well set croup and strong hindquarters. Moved verynicely and freely

Class 2372 GCB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st WILSON's Killoeter Lurag For Hamiltonhill

2nd: SEYMOUR-JACKSON's Cassacre Aelfrida Of Ghiltan

3rd: FAIRCLOTH's Beardswood Niamh At Calbraidh

Res: SPRING-ARNOLD's Gentiehun Alice Springs