Leeds 2012


Judge: Mrs G M Peach

My sincere thanks to all who gave me the opportunity to judge your hounds. I had a real nice day and found in my winners good type and sound movment. My overall comments are: I found all the hounds clean and with few exceptions they were all handled well. Overall muscle and tone have im proved since I last judged. We need to watch heads as some are getting too coarse and feet also. Again I thank you and I hope you find my comments constructive for that is my intention.

DOG CC - BEST OF BREED : Pyefleet Silas

I found in this hound a dog who I could live with, he was a big but elegant hound with a nice head, good ear set and placement of shoulder, Good strength in the neck Plenty of length in his back and a good fallaway over the hip bones. with good length from hip to hock he moved with reach and drive. He tended to fall into pacing occasionally but when moved correctly he was fine and he moved very soundly with good reach and drive. I was pleased to start his career off as I am sure he shows great promise.

Bitch CC : Hoddingrey Strahanna Of Ehlaradawn

This is a bitch of the type I like , she makes me smile, for in her I see the old hounds of yesteryear. She did not disappoint me when I went over her, A big bitch, curvy feminine and strong. .

Res Dog CC : Ch Cscarf O'cockaigne Imp - Res Bitch CC : Ch Hyndsight Into The Mystic

Two well known champions with loads to like about them. Both sound coming and going , presented in good order and handled well.

Best Puppy : Gentiehun Adelaide

A 11 month old puppy I liked very much, a pity she stood alone in the Best Puppy challenge as the dog disappeared but I have to say I had made my mind up in the class that this was going to be my Best Puppy - well done

Best Veteran : Pyefleet Owilliam

A very strong hound in excellent order for his age just lost ground to the young hounds but nice to see a older male looking so healthy

Class 800 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: JENNINGS' Brylach Olympus

This little boy had a long way to go, 7 months of age and at the moment needs to gain bone and size. I wish him well.


Class 802 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BOND'S Pyefleet Silas

Wow where did this boy come from? On the day I had no idea who he was but later when I looked at him in the catalogue I remember seeing him as a youngster and liking him. Just proves that sometimes it is a good idea to put them away and wait. . He has size and elegance and fills my eye in all ways. I was glad to finally award him his first CC and BOB

2nd: HAWKINS' Kwaricott Corelli

This male is a big big boy very strong bone and body and sound on the move and this gave him his place but for me a little too strong in the head.


3rd: HOGAN'S Breesfalt Jasper

Rather a nice Deerhound but a little soft and unsound. Slightly upright in shoulder but he has a really lovely head and expression, nice ears , plenty of coat and good length dropping into strong quarters. He lost his place on his movement.

Class 803 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: SEYMOUR-JACKSON'S Ghiltan Hero

This hound has improved and is moving soundly although a little reluctant at times. He won this class on overall type, very strong neck with a correct head and expression. . good deep chest. strong bone with a nice topline and strong quarters. He needs to lose a bit of weight which may make him more animated on the move, he seemed to be suffering from the heat and his weight did contribute to this.

2nd: MCLOUGHLIN's Graizelund Rock And Roll Of Glenhaigh

A smaller dog than 1 and much of the above applies although I would like to see a little more length in his back and lay in his shoulder. Moved soundly and was presented in excellent order.

3rd EDMONDS' Hoddingreys Azoth

Rather a long hound with a good coat, again fits the standard in many places, but tends to flatten on the move.

Class 804 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: ADAMS' Ch Cscarf O'cockaigne Imp

A imported hound with a very muscular physique, lovely strong bones a correct lay in his shoulder with good return of upper arm , good forechest and very powerful quarters. A correct topline which he keeps on the move, For me I would just prefer a gentle expression in his head and it was this that lost him the final CC place however there is much to like.

2nd: BARRET's Ch Stranwith Symphony

Another hound of a different type with more length in the back. I loved his head and expression, strong neck good angulation front and rear just lost on overall strength in the hind movement.

3rd: FINNETT, HEATHCOTE's Ch Hyndsight Dark Sky

Another hound who has much to like but on the day I preferred the front angulation and forechest of the 1st and 2nd placed dogs.

Res: SPENCE, HEATHCOTE'S Ch Hyndsight Riddick

VHC: HAWKINS' Kwaricott Asclepius

Class 805 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: GIRLING'S Pyefleet Owilliam

A very strong dog powerful, with good muscle and in excellent order for a 8 year old. Type is a little strong for me especially in the head and jaw but he fits the standard in many other ways and movement for his age was good.

Class 806 PB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CONSTANTINE'S Gentiehun Adelaide

Nice 11 month old puppy who won this class with ease. Handled by her novice handler very well so I was happy to give her BP.

2nd: JENNINGS' Brylach Ovation

This little bitch needs a lot of time but is only 7 months of age. Like her brother she needs bone and size so at the moment I feel I will reserve my judgement for another day for I am sure she will improve with time.

Class 807 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BAILEY'S Greyflax Just Peachy

Shapely all curves this bitch is a youngster worth watching. She is raw at the moment, which is how she should be for her age, but shows great promise. She excels in movement and today won this class easily.

2nd: QUINN, & O'BRIEN Araceta Cordelia

This girl is very nice but lost out to a bitch with more leg length in proportion to her body and better movement but much of the same applies to her. She is shapely has a lovely harsh coat and good angles but I feel both handler and bitch need more practice to get the best.

3rd: CONSTANTINE Gentiehun Tulip

A strong younster, handled well and a strong body and good overall conditon lost out to 1 and 2 on angulation in the rear. ,

Class 808 PGB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: STUART & HOLT'S Pyefleet Skatha At Ollandsheart

A sister to my Dog CC winner and she is exactly the same type. Very shapely moved well enough, a lovely head, strong neck good forechest correct topline and nice let down hocks with just enough hind angulation.

2nd: MANSELL, DUDDELL'S Canerikie Coco Clarissa

a strong young bitch with a feminine head and expression, strong neck and body, lost her place on overall angulation and movement although on another day these could reverse.

3rd: SMART'S Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel

A smaller bitch. would prefer a little more length in the back but overall very sound and well presented.

Res: HAWKINS' Kwaricott Charisma

VHC: DOCKREE Regalflight Kalifi Of Gorsekree

Class 809 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: BARTER & CHRISTIAN Hoddingrey Strahanna Of Ehlaradawn

When she came into the ring I really hoped I would not find anything too dislike and she did not disappoint me. If breeders have a type then this for me is mine. A powerfull but feminine bitch who met the standard well with a deep chest, curves, good topline if. There are no exaggerations in this hound and she moved very true fore and aft and kept her topline on the move.

2nd: MCLOUGHLIN Kingrock Chieftain's Choice At Glenhaigh

Such a pity she met the first place hound for this is another hound that I like. Many of the comments on 1 apply to her.

3rd: BOND;s Stainlonan Bellis At Regalflight NAF TAF

A strong hound who covers the ground on the move a little upright in front angulation but stands over a lot of ground and has good strong angulation in the rear.

Res: GIRLING'S Pyefleet Sabine

Class 810 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: FINNETT & HEATHCOTE's Ch Hyndsight Into The Mystic

A pretty bitch, not too big with a nice head and expression. strong neck good front and rear angulation and a correct topline which she kept on the move. Res CC

2nd: BAILEY'S Ch Greyflax Crystal

I liked this girl a real lady, she just lost out to 1 on overall shape. She had the most exquisite head neck, good front and angulation flattens slightly but a super body and truly excellent movement.

3rd: ADAMS Ardneish Pantalaimon

A strong hound very typical of this kennel with a lot to like, she has good angles, strong body, nice strength in her neck and good forechest, but she lost out on overall type.

Res: PLATT Mrs S Charbonnel Fliss

VHC: BARRET Ms K Stranwith Morag

Class 811 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 1