Hinckley and District Open Show
Judge Mrs Jenny Grimshaw (Jamalison)

My  sincere thanks to this well run and well attended Society for my invitation to judge, my stewards for looking after me and the exhibitors for the opportunity to go over their dogs.   I enjoyed my day. 


Kilbourne Warhol



Greyflax Taylor Made for Kilbourne

Puppy 2 (0)

First - Peach’s Greyflax Taylor Made for Kilbourne.  11 month old maturing male with dark coarse coat, lovely head, correct scissor bite,  dark eye and neat small ears.  Good reach of neck onto correct front.  Good bone and well knuckled strong feet.   Excellent topline with good length of loin onto strong rear quarters.  Moved with long reaching strides. Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Hound Group 2.

Second - Bailey’s Greyflax Just Peachy.  Litter sister to winner and less mature than her brother.  She was also a little unerved by the noisy venue.  A beautifully curvy young lady with balanced angles front and rear.  Quality head, dark eye and good reach of neck onto correct front construction. Moved well.   Just looked immature compared to her brother on the day.  


  1. Junior 1 (0)

    First - Peach’s Kilbourne Teliah.  14 month old bitch who was a pleasure to go over.  She has a lovely head and the expression in the eyes that we all look for.  Beautifully constructed with correct front and rear assembly, good reach of neck and lovely rise into loin, falling away onto good quarters.  She moved well. 

Post Graduate. 2 (0).

First -  Peach’s Kilbourne Warhol - 19 months old well matured  dark male, who moved with ease and grace in the ring.  A beautiful head,  dark eyes and neat small ears.  Correct bite.  Good reach of neck onto correct front construction into well boned legs and strong well knuckled feet. Good length of body and strong rear quarters.  Good length of hip to hock and well angulated. Best movement of the day showing good length of stride and drive.    Best of Breed and Hound Group 3.

Second - Seymour-Jackson’s Cassacre Ailfreda of Ghiltan - 2 1/2 year old bitch of slighter build and with a softer coat.     Preferred the construction of the class winner.

Open 5 (3 abs)

First - Hird’s Cloweswood Fagus. 3 year old adult male with elegant head and dark eye. Neat small ears, good reach of neck onto correct front. Good length of body. Well muscled, fit dog with a dark, coarse coat. Moved in balance.  Preferred the movement of Best of Breed, who is his son. Reserve Best of Breed.

Second -  Seymour-Jackson’s Ghiltan Hero.  More substantial and larger dog than one with a more prolific coat.  Pleasing head,  reach of neck and correct shoulder. Good front.    Excellent depth of chest,  spring of rib and good tuck up with strong quarters.  Did not move as well as one.

Irish Wolfhounds

Junior 3 (0 abs)

First -  Gilbert’s Madiamoy King Arold Returns to Antsyarna. 15 month old male with good coat. Elegant head and good reach of neck.  Strong shoulders and straight front.  Strong bone.  Good depth of chest,  length of body with strong quarters and adequate rear angles.  Moved reasonably well. Reserve Best of Breed.

Second - McHugh’s Madiamoy Faclan.  Litter brother to winner of this class and a lot of the above also applies.  He didn’t move as well as the winner.

Third -   Flood’s Baronforie’s Muirgheal.  Six months old puppy bitch who I wanted to take home with me.  Nicely constructed with good front and rear angles.  Excellent bone, correct bite and a delightful demeanour given this was her first outing.  She moved well albeit a little erraticly on a floor that can be difficult for large breeds. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate 3 (1 abs)

First - Ashby’s Ashgroave Tumbulgum.  20 months old bitch who looked stunning.  Well balanced front and rear with balanced angles. Good bone.  Lovely head, neat ears and good length of neck  Quality front,with good width. Excellent depth of chest.  Good hindquarters.  Moved well once she settled. Best of Breed and Hound Group 4.

Second - Lockett’s Amarach Aife De Caversmill.  Large 15month old male.  Lovely head, neat ears, good coat,  lovely depth of chest good length of body.  Did not move as well as winner.

Open 3 (3 abs)

Jenny Grimshaw.