Judges Report

South East Hound Club Premier Open Show 6 September 2009

Deerhound, JHA and Adult Handling classes Judge: Phil Paisey

se hound bob


Sincere thanks to all for a fine entry of fit and well presented hounds, which made for some tough decisions on the day, especially as the ring was uneven in places. It was good to see deerhounds doing well in the variety classes also.


Puppy (5,1)

1. BOB, BPIB, Puppy Group 3, Helps’ Rosslyn Pippa of Beardswood, 11 months old dark bitch with much promise, for me a surprise and delight in the breed challenge when she showed so elegantly and then kept going later for the Puppy Group. Has good straight front with shapely quarters, well muscled to sustain smooth, flowing movement, a refined head with feminine expression which certainly catches your eye.

2. Martyn’s Birkhall Rosemary

3. Smith’s Rosslyn Pollie

Junior (3)

1. Hawker’s Wolfscastle Cilydd at Ghylladare, almost 18 months attractive bitch, maturing well with strong movement and good conformation.

2. Barter’s Stainlonan Thai of Ehlaradawn

3. Honeyball’s Wolfcastle Idole at Honeytail

Novice (4,1)

1. and Res BOB, Gilhooly’s Freyja at Nobys, 20 months old, another pretty young bitch with pleasing expression, driving well off the hocks, and showing well later in the challenge

2. Heathcote’s Hyndsight Who’s That Girl

3. Everard’s Hyndsight Nebula

Graduate (7,3)

1. Heathcote’s Hyndsight into the Mystic, 20 months old bitch, lovely colouring with feminine head and again good driving movement, one to watch out for.

2. Erskine’s Sorisdale Maclindon

3. Stuart and Holt’s Regalflight Blizzard at Ollandsheart

Open Dog (5)

1.Girling’s Pyefleet Rollo, 3 yr old handsome dog of good overall muscle and style, who strode out well, shall be interested in his progress as he continues to mature

2. Gilhooly and Morrissey’s Lord Seafield of Hartvalley

3. Lucas and Dargonne’s Packway Aconcagua

Open Bitch (9,3)

1. Lucas and Dargonne’s Sorisdale Mackechnie for Packway, 8 yrs old bitch in excellent shape and coat, coping well with the rough ground, charming expression with lovely eyes, only just edged out by the younger bitches today.

2. Helps’ Beardswood Octavia

3. Barter’s Stainlonan Bit of Ehlaradawn

Junior Handling Association

All handlers were ‘well-presented’ which I appreciated

Age 6 -11 (2,1)

  1. Alicia Joyner, with Afghan Hound, 9 years old smartly dressed and trying very hard to execute the correct patterns. Just needs to take time now, gain experience of showing, and build up a good relationship with the dog.

Age 12-16 (3,1)

  1. Lucy Hankey with Beagle, 12 yrs old handling with competence, again needing to gain more experience of the showring and to practise the patterns, a close decision.

  2. Tanya Bailey, age 14, and Norwegian Elkhound

Adult Handling, age 17 and over (7,2)

A most enjoyable, closely-fought class

  1. Emily Thornton and Beagle, a polished performance all round with clear patterns and good presentation of the dog on the table

  2. Kathryn Jones and Whippet

  3. Becky Candler-Smith and Whippet