4TH September 2009

My thanks to the exhibitors for an entry containing some quality hounds.

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Veteran dog No entries

Puppy dog (2,0)


1. Peach’s Kilbourne Hector. Shapely, well balanced 6 month old puppy with good bone. Lovely dark eye and neat ears. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Broad forearms and deep chest. Moved well once settled. BP


2. Mansell & Duddell’s Killoeter Peat at Canerikie. Tall puppy of 6 months. Gentle expression and dark eye. Good neck and deep chest. Feet well knuckled.

Junior dog No entries

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)


1. Taylor’s Kilbourne James Dene. Handsome, well balanced young dog with good bone. Masculine head with pleasing expression however would have preferred a darker eye. Deep chest and strong hindquarters. Nice harsh coat. Moved soundly.

Open Dog (3,0)

1st open dog

A difficult decision between the first 2.

1. Day’s Demerlay Dorian Grey at Celticmoon. Well balanced, mature masculine 5 year old with plenty of bone. Lovely soft expression and dark eye. Good neck leading into well laid shoulder and depth of chest. Excellent width across thigh with nice fallaway and low hocks. Moved well. BD

2nd open dog

2. Peach’s Readwald Thor to Kilbourne. Handsome well boned 2 year old with lovely head and neat ears. Strong neck, nice depth of front and strong hindquarters. Good angulation throughout. Sound in movement. RBD

3rd open dog

3. Carr’s Marandike Star Attraction.

Veteran Bitch (1,0)


1. Bye’s Torrfric Juno. 11½ year old bitch with a lovely, gentle expression, a dark eye and neat ears.
Strong neck with good reach and nice depth of chest. Sloping quarters. Excellent harsh coat.

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st puppy bitch

1. Mansell & Duddell’s Killoeter Pieris at Canerikie. 6 month old puppy with good bone. Pleasing expression with dark eye and neat ear. Excellent reach of neck and good topline. Moved well and confidently.

JB No entries

Post Graduate Bitch (6,0)

1st pg bitch

1. Peach’s Kilbourne Teine. Lovely, well balanced, young bitch of excellent construction. Super head, soft expression and neat ears. Good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulder and nice depth in chest. Excellent topline, strong hindquarters and good bend of stifle. Moved freely and easily. BB BOB.

2nd pg bitch

2. Rhodes & Morton’s Gentom Rorke’s Driftress. Another lovely well boned feminine bitch. Beautiful head, dark eye and soft expression. Good shoulder and depth in chest with strong hindquarters. Nice harsh coat. Movement was sound and with drive. RBB

3rd pg bitch

3. Reynolds’ Wickwar Wagg.

Open Bitch (5,3)

1st open bitch

1. Rhodes & Morton’s Kilbourne Charity of Gentom. Feminine 3 year old bitch with beautiful
head, very dark eye and soft expression. Well balanced with good depth and strong hindquarters.
Harsh coat. Moved freely and well.

2nd open bitch

2. Peach’s Pringleholl Ruby to Kilbourne. 4 year old shapely, well
balanced bitch with pleasing expression. Elegant neck, good shoulder and depth in chest. Plenty of
bone. Strong quarters, nice fallawayand lovely topline. Sound movement.

J Cheshire