06/05/2009 12:34:45 at 14.34

The entry was full of quality & in some classes I was spoilt for choice.

MPD (1) 1 Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Fred D Mercury, 7 months, well grown for age, nice shape, masculine head, sweet expression, good shoulder placement, straight front, moved soundly when settled. Stood alone but thoroughly deserved his place.

PD (1) 1 Adams’ Ardneish Lohengrin, 11 months, nice head & expression, good shoulders & bone, deep body, good length from hip to hock, harsh coat & well muscled. Didn’t stride out when moving.

JD (4,1a) 1 Francis & Blatchford’s Cloweswood Acer of Peopleton, very nice type, good head of correct length, dark eyes, deep body, good feet, harsh coat, well muscled, covers the ground standing & strides out well; 2 Adams’ Csarf O’Cockaigne, nice youngster, heavier head & body than 1 but not as mature. Dark eyes, small ears, wide hindquarters but softer coat; 3 Shannon’s Erewhon Dambuster.

PGD (12,5) 1 Hird’s Cloweswood Fagus, litter brother to previous winner, not as big but same lovely type. Beautiful head, dark eyes, small ears, good bone, harsh coat, well balanced; 2 Stuart & Holt’s Tomegem Montrachet at Ollendsheart, different type to 1. Larger size, masculine head, soft expression, deep body, good spring of rib & wide hindquarters. Needs time to mature; 3 Piggott’s Greyzicon Blythe Spirit.

LD (10) 1 Helps’ Greyfriars Gillie of Beardswood, powerful dog, masculine head, nice dark eyes, excellent shoulder, straight front & well knuckled feet, good bone, deep body & powerful hindquarters, harsh coat, moved well; 2 Buckley’s Packway Smart Money, different type to 1, much rangier & not as mature. Strong bone, nice head, kind expression, deep body, good length from hip to hock, well muscled up, moved well. His coat colour doesn’t help as it makes him look plain but underneath is a very nice hound; 3 Grimshaw’s Jamalison Sonata.

OD (8,2) 1 Buckley’s Lealla Jokol, one I have admired from the ringside for a long time & I wasn’t disappointed. Mature, well balanced, masculine head, dark eyes, small well folded ears & lovely face furnishings, straight front, long neck going into excellent shoulder placement, very deep body, wide hindquarters, low set hocks, moved & shown very well. CC; 2 Finnett & Harrington’s Ch Hyndsight Wind Of Change, close decision. Mature hound at 7 years & coming to his best. Different type to 1. More compact & not standing over as much ground. Good head, soft expression, lovely deep body, harsh coat, good topline & hindquarters, moved very freely, shown in hard condition. RCC; 3 Rhodes & Morton’s Ch Gentom Peacemaker.

MPB (4) 1 Draper’s Bradleyabbi Shamo at Meneghy, 7 months, well grown for age, good outline, deep body, good spring of rib, good feet, harsh coat, promising youngster; 2 Helps’ Rosslyn Pollie, 6 months, finer head than 1, sweet expression, dark eyes, deep body, good hindquarters, good bend of stifle, moved soundly; 3 Draper’s Killoeter Orra at Meneghey.

PB (5,2) 1 Platt’s Charbonnel Fliss, 9 months, her first show & when she entered the ring she stood as if she owned it. Correct head, sweet expression, strong neck & body, straight front, good outline, wide hindquarters, good length from hip to hock, stood over a lot of ground, moved soundly. BP; 2 Barter’s Stainlonan Thai of Erlaradawn, 10 months, close up, shapely bitch, stronger head, dark eyes, good body, good spring of rib, correct topline, well knuckled feet, moved soundly; 3 Helps’ Rosslyn Pippa.

JB (12,1) 1 Lewis’ Wolfscastle Erlid to Luckhurst, won on her type. Lovely fine head, strong neck, straight front, good bone, good feet, deep body, nice topline, good bend of stifle, moved soundly; 2 Hawker’s Wolfscastle Cilydd at Ghylladare, litter sister to 1 & similar comments apply. Head not quite as fine as her sister’s & she is not as mature, otherwise there is little to choose between them; 3 Hird’s Cloweswood Scilla.

PGB (13,1) 1 Janson’s Nixophel Crystal Amethyst, shapely bitch, sweet head, dark eyes, good bone, straight front, good spring of rib, topline & hindquarters, moved soundly covering plenty of ground; 2 Help’s Beardswood Octavia, heavier build than 1, dark eyes, sweet expression, strong body, good outline, better feet, moved out well; 3 Faircloth & Help’s Beardswood Niamh.

LB (12,3) 1 Reynolds’ Wickwar White Lace, came into the ring as if she owned it. Lovely fine head, dark eyes, small neat ears, strong neck, straight front, good bone, tightly knuckled feet, deep body, good length & depth of ribcage, nice hindquarters, moved with enthusiasm, presented & shown in excellent condition. CC & BOB; 2 Guise’s Saintvalley Dream Girl, not as big as some but a lovely type. Good overall shape, long fine head, deep body of good length, good bone, good hindquarters, moved soundly. RCC; 3 Girling’s Pyefleet Rokesby.

OB (7) 1 Bailey’s CH Greyflax Waterloo Sunset, bit well balanced bitch of good type, plenty of substance, good body, straight front, good topline, good hindquarters, excellent length from hip to hock, moved correctly covering plenty of ground; 2 Shannon’s Lealla Joka, litter sister to DCC winner. Lovely type, preferred her head to winners. Straight front, good shoulders, deep body. Not the length from hip to hock as 1. Well muscled up & moved with drive; 3 Wragg’s Neroche Halistra.