PD (3) 1 Llewellyn’s Matahari Menjangen, good size & type, keeps correct topline in profile, good head, fair front. Weak at the pasterns & feet. Good body coming & promising rear; 2 Draper’s Stag Ranger at Meneghy, better feet & a tight harsh coat. His shoulder was rather upright & he needs more weight in body. Good rear & general make & shape; 3 Peach’s Ellinkeyree Fog On The Tyne.

JD (1) 1 Cheshire’s Kilbourne Nuin of Deeranwith, a bit ‘wolfhoundy’ in type & I thought his movement could have been lighter. Pleasing neck, very straight in shoulders, good arch over loin & nice quarters, deep chest, ribs carried well back.

PGD (10) Extremely poor class, very disappointing to judge. 1 Francis & Blatchford’s Cloweswood Acer of Peopleton, a touch flat in back & movement up & down could be more precise. Looked the best for type in the class; 2 Adams’ Cscarf O’Cockaigne, too big & heavy in head, front could be better & needs more slope of shoulder. I liked his good topline & ribbing, he has some substance & was not a bag of bones as most were. A strong boy overall; 3 Hawkins’ Kwaricot Archimago.

LD (3) 1 Peach’s Kilbourne Fire Chief, lovely type & quality, easy & active mover, true both ways, good bone, pleasing head. A little hard in expression. Excellent body & topline, super quarters & coat. Front feet could be tighter. RCC; 2 Barter’s Brutus Fraxinus of Ehlaradawn, nice dog, straighter in shoulders than 1 & very long in loin. Kept good topline moving & has good curvy quarters, excellent coat & pleasing head & length of foreface; 3 Grimshaw’s Jamalison Sonata.

OD (4) 1 Helps’ Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood, pleasing type & quality, very sound dog, easy action & true coming & going. I liked his head & eyes, neat rose ears, good bone & feet, deep roomy chest. His topline could arch a mite more but he is by no means flat. In excellent coat & body condition. CC; 2 Day’s Demerlay Dorian Grey at Celticmoon, houndy dog, holds himself well, pleasing body & topline is perfect, good slope over croup & super behind. A little straight in shoulders & upper arm rather short. In immaculate condition; 3 Llewellyn’s Kilbourne Macallan at Matahari.

PB (6) A really uplifting class with all four worthy of a first. 1 Draper’s Killoeter Orra at Meneghy, free & easy moving, elegant lines, excellent forechest & true movement in front & powerful rear, keeps correct outline moving. Maybe a little heavy in ears. BP & PG3; 2 Draper’s Bradleabbi Shamo at Meneghy, I liked her shape, very much a female but strong & well muscled for a puppy. Very tense & just needs to relax a little more on the move but very true & precise; 3 Helps’ Rosslyn Pollie.

JB (5) A super class. So pleasing to go over some typy well made bitches, so much better than the males at present. 1 Peach’s Kilbourne Teine, lovely easy action, very powerful driving quarters, good strong legs, excellent coat & body condition, perfect topline. Could be stronger in foreface. RCC; 2 Taylor’s Brackenland Tan at Kilbourne, most beautiful bitch for type & quality, a better head than 1 but not going as well in rear. Sound front, good body for a junior & not too long in loin. Very promising as was 3 Owen & Brodie’s Wolfscastle Efa.

PGB (15) A lovely class of quality bitches, many sadly unplaced. 1 Peach’s Witch Way to Kilbourne, so true & sound, super legs & feet, in good coat & body, pleasing head & in excellent muscular condition, a really old fashioned type. CC, BOB & G2; 2 Bailey’s Kilbourne Jenifer Jupiter to Greyflax, not quite the front & shoulders of 1, but good for the breed at present. Super body, topline & quarters, excellent coat & condition, as had 3 Taylor’s Guinivere Starshire from Kilbourne.

LB (4) 1 Janson’s Nixophel Crystal Amethyst, good honest bitch who moved out fairly well, elegant & shapely. Front not perfect but passable. Super body & couplings, sound quarters, nice slope of croup, in good nick; 2 Grimshaw’s Jamalison Melody nice type. Front a bit pokey coming towards me & rear not quite up to 1. I liked her shape & lovely calm temperament, deep well ribbed body & aristocratic looking head & expression; 3 Bunce’s Lealla Kintra at Pantawick

OB (5) 1 Owen & Brodie’s Ch Marandike Ebony’s Choice to Wolfscastle, beautiful head, eyes & expression, elegant neck & well laid back shoulders, super body, depth & couplings, good bend of stifle, neat hocks. Rear movement a bit disappointing, but such a true front & easy side action. In lovely coat; 2 Bailey’s Ch Greyflax Waterloo Sunset, mature & in good body & coat. Not quite as good in front or front movement but better in rear going away. Keeps her outline in profile gait & has a long easy stride; 3 Bailey’s Ch Greyflax A Kind of Magic.