Some exhibits had a lighter eye than I like but expression was generally good. Some feet were not good, too spread, too long & lacking knuckle.

On the plus side many had good length & good height to length ratio.

PD (2,1a) 1 Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Fred D Mercury, very promising, good head, correct eye, lovely dark coat, longcast, sound moving & in profile, like him a lot. BP.

JD (4,1) 1 Cheshire & Kilbourne’s Nuin of Deeranwith, nice light grey, good head & expression, strong neck, good shoulder placement. Wee bit steep in upper arm. Well angulated quarters, moved well & holds his correct topline, elegant dog with style; 2 Honeyball’s Wolfcastle Idole for Honeytail, very attractive long slim head with nice expression, neat ears, nice length to height & balanced angulation. Moved round well but dropped his topline a bit & he is a tad close behind, tail carriage not to my liking but overall a nice exhibit; 3 De Bolla’s Regalflight Mithras.

PGD (7) 1 Piggott’s Greyzicon Blythe Spirit, tall, elegant & graceful, super head, dark eye, lovely soft expression, neat ears, good depth of chest, well filled front, balanced angulation, excellent sweep hip to hock. Moved fairly well although a bit unsettled but this did not affect my placing as he made up for this with quality & type; 2 Taylor’s Kilbourne James Dene, good masculine head but a tiny bit too strong for my taste & I’d like a darker eye. Nevertheless he is well made, handsome boy, nice depth of chest, plenty of forechest & well off for bone, very balanced angulation, low hocks, moves well & steadily coming, going & in profile, one of the few with really good, close well knuckled feet; 3 Francis & Blatchford’s Closewood Acer of Peopleton.

LD (7,1a) 1 Peach’s Readwald Thor to Kilbourne, lovely long dog, super head, neat folded ears. Wish he had a slightly darker eye but expression was nice. Feet not his fortune. Having said that he is so beautifully made & very balanced, good angulation with no exaggeration, good topline held on the move, movement very strong & sound. RCC; 2 Trotman & Dockree’s Regalflight Princequillo of Penherald, nice head, hazel eye, soft expression. Feet could be better. Very well boned, deep chest with good forechest, lovely underline, nice rise over the loin but slopes off a wee bit steeply over the croup. Curvy eyecatching dog who moves soundly; 3 Wiggan’s Killoeter Grilse.

OD (3,1) 1 Rhodes & Morton’s Ch Gentom Peacemaker, lovely dog, fits the Standard well, moves with easy flowing action, typical head & expression, good neat well folded ears, balanced angulation, good topline held on the move, nice depth of brisket & shapely underline, lovely curvy boy. I overlooked his over long feet. CC; 2 Help’s Greyfriars Gille, handsome, strong looking dog, really good dark harsh coat, very masculine head, which is slightly stronger than my ideal but he has a lovely dark eye & typical expression so important in the breed. His ears are too large but they are well folded which is a plus. Really good feet, strong neck, good shoulder placement, fair return of upper arm, nice strong well angled rear, good top & underline, moves extremely steadily with ease & drive, very eyecatching.

V (2) Difficult decision, loved them both for different reasons. 1 Lucas & Dargonne’s Sorisdale Mackechnie for Packway, no way does this elegant lady look or move like a veteran. Very fit, floats over the ground free moving & elegant, completely balanced, no exaggerations, very feminine, just lovely; 2 Kermack’s Beardswood Lustre, very different type but equally lovely, more substantial than 1 but equally feminine & elegant. Quality lady with truly lovely head & expression to die for. Not quite the free movement of 1, she is more sedate but still sound.

PB (4,2) 1 Help’s Rosslyn Pollie, enchanting 8 months baby, gorgeous fine head on long, elegant neck, dark eye, typical expression, correct well knuckled feet, nice close dark coat, long cast, free moving, very promising; 2 Barter’s Stainlonan Thai of Ehlaradawn, just coming up to a year, curvy youngster, stronger head than 1, nice dark eye, good expression, good feet, strong well made & balanced body, moved well.

JB (8,3) 1 Peach’s Kilbourne Teine, lovely bitch, fits the Standard well, excellent head, neat well folded ears, super feet, deep chest, nice length of body, well laid shoulder & correct return of upper arm. At the other end a lovely bend of stifle makes for a very balanced angulation with no exaggerations, soundly constructed & well proportioned, free moving; 2 Taylor & Peach’s Brackenland Tan to Kilbourne, different type, more substantial all through, deep chest, correct top & underline, well off for bone, pleasing head & kind soft expression, correct harsh coat, shapely in profile, moves well; 3 Owen & Brodie’s Wolfcastle Efa.

PGB (13,2) 1 Help’s Beardwood Ocatavia, I have never seen her before & I was smitten when she came into the ring. Very much the make & shape that I like, top quality with the most beautiful of heads & dark eye, her expression went straight to my heart, has elegant & strength, plenty of bone plus very balanced angulation. In profile she is stunning, standing she tends to turn a front foot in very slightly but moving she is completely sound & this is not evident, in fact her movement is true & easy. RCC; 2 Bailey’s Kilbourne Jennifer Jupiter, not as mature as 1. Liked her head, eye & expression, ears were good & neatly folded, lovely, long neck & good front in all respects, plus a good strong well angulated rear, lovely topline, correct rise over the loin, excellent feet, moves very well, nice young bitch of quality; 3 Hird’s Cloeswood Scilla.

LB (7,3) 1 Janson’s Nixophel Crystal Amethyst, feminine, good long, fine head, correct eye, well placed shoulder, fair return of upper arm & nicely angled quarters, depth of chest & good tuck up make her very shapely in profile, good feet, free easy mover; 2 Bond’s Regalflight Moth, very different in type, typical of this kennel who always produced superb heads, eyes & expression which is so important to the breed. Deep chest, well angulated behind, nice low set hocks, very shapely. Not the body length of 1 but is balanced, beautiful coat that had not been spoilt by trimming or over tidying. Moved fairly well, looked a picture; 3 Grimshaw’s Jamalison Melody.

OB (8,1) 1 Owen & Brodie’s Ch Marandike Ebonys Choice to Wolfcastle, judged her 2 years ago in puppy & wrote ‘a star of the future’, she has fulfilled that early promise & now ticks all the boxes of our Standard & is a perfect example of a dog & handler moving in unison. CC & BOB; 2 Bailey’s Ch Greyflax Waterloo Sunset, 5 years, sound, well balanced top winning bitch, of quality & type, all kinds of praise has been heaped on this lovely girl, there is nothing I can add except that she is a wonderful example of the breed & a great ambassador for the breed; 3 Peach’s Pinglehol Ruby to Kilbourne.