Pleasing entry with greater strength in the bitch classes. Overall levels of presentation were high & a good sized ring enabled the dogs to show their movement to best advantage.

VD (1) 1 Robertson’s Pyefleet Orator from Terichline, almost 9 years, strong dog, masculine head, elegant not coarse, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder, great depth of chest, overall well proportioned, true easy movement with adequate front reach.

PD (2) 1 Cartmel’s Cusidh Righ Innse Gall, 6 months, good head, correct ear placement, ample length of neck, super front & shoulders, great depth of chest for a young dog, evenly grown puppy of pleasing proportions, nice fall away, plenty of length in loin, moved well in the challenge, strong rear quarters, good drive. BP; 2 Campbell & Wells’ Stainolan Harvey at Kharabou, nice youngster, super head & expression, good reach of neck, adequate depth in chest, well angulated at rear, good movement in profile.

JD (1) 1 Cheshire’s Kilbourne Nuin of Deeranwith, well grown young dog, strong head & neck, correct bite, ample depth in chest, plenty of length of loin, well muscled rearquarters which he used effectively when on the move.

GD (8,1a) 1 Hawkins’ Kwaricott Asclepius, strong dog, nice outline, well proportioned, ample reach of neck, well laid shoulder, good fall away, strong rear quarters, plenty of bend of rear stifle, true coming & going, moved with reach & drive, covered ground well; 2 Foy’s Glenfoyble Romain In The Gloamin, powerful dog, strong head & jaw, not coarse, correct bite, great depth of chest & strength in rear quarters, moved well; 3 Macbean’s Claonaiglen Lomond.

PG (4) Difficult class. 1 Milne & Andrews’ Leoch Fiddich, clean looking dog, pleasing outline hiding nothing, well proportioned, long neck without weakness, super shoulders, well knuckled feet, powerful rearquarters, in superb condition, looked capable of doing what he was bred for. The movement was easy, effortless & elegant which won him the class; 2 Hawkins’ Kwaricott Archimago, more my type than 1. Lovely head & expression, good front & shoulders, plenty of depth in chest, correct coat, strong rearquarters, moved well in profile, good rear drive; 3 Freeman’s Kwaricott Abdiel.

LD (4) 1 Peaches’ Readwald Thor to Kilbourne, no over-exaggeration at all with this dog, very workmanlike type, strong head & neck, correct bite, well laid shoulders, good frontal bone, plenty of depth of chest down to the elbow, strong broad rearquarters, adequate bend of stifle, movement true coming & going, good front reach & effective use of rearquarters. CC & BOB; 2 Taylor’s Lyart Yes Minister, compact dog, lovely head & expression, well proportioned throughout, adequate depth, good length, correct fallaway, well muscled rearquarters which he used effectively, sound movement. RCC; 3 Gilhooly & Morrisey’s Lord Seafield of Hartvalley.

OD (2) A.

VB (1) 1 McKinnon’s Moireach Flyer of Fingon, 7 years alert bitch, strong head, not coarse, good bite, powerful neck & well laid shoulder, well knuckled feet, adequate depth, movement satisfactory.

PB (3) 1 Cartmell’s Cusidh Caol Muile, lovely young bitch, lean head, good bite & correct expression, ample reach of neck, superb front & shoulders, has grown evenly, good length of loin, powerful rear quarters, moved truly with drive & reach, close decision for BP; 2 Cartmell’s Cusidh Perchance To Dream, quality puppy, similar in type to 1, pleasing overall proportions, good depth, strong front & rearquarters. Not quite reach & drive of 1; 3 Dixon’s Pingleholl Opal from Kilbourne.

JB (8,2) 1 Peaches’ Kilbourne Teine, elegant young bitch when stood & moving, super length of neck, good shoulders, plenty of depth in chest, adequate length in loin, broad rear quarters, movement true, good front reach & plenty of drive; 2 Finnet & Heathcote’s Hyndsight Into The Mystic, taller type than 1 though well proportioned all round. Lean head, super length & strength in neck, well laid shoulder, nicely let down hock, stood over the ground well. Once up to speed the movement was sound; 3 Grimshaw’s Jamalison Winter Gayle.

GB (10,1) 1 Peaches’ Witch Way to Kilbourne, quality bitch, good front & well laid shoulder, elbows set well under, ample spring of rib, correct topline, good bend of stifle, nothing over exaggerated, movement sound, easy with reach & drive; 2 Robertson’s Chuilinn Afra, superb head & expression, feminine but business-like, elegant when standing, displayed the same elegance on the move, everything in proportion, pleasing shape & sound free flowing movement; 3 Macbean’s Killotter Morven.

PGB (10,4) 1 Janson’s Nixophel Crystal Amethyst, impressive looking bitch, by far & above the best mover in this class. For me just carrying a little too much weight. Lovely head & expression, super front & topline, good reach of neck with strength, powerful, broad rearquarters, easy movement with reach & drive; 2 Taylor’s Lyart Yea Verily, smaller more compact type than 1. Pleasing head & expression, good depth of chest, strength in rearquarters, sound effective movement; 3 Finnet & Heathcote’s Hyndsight Whos That Girl.

LB (6,1) 1 Owen & Brodie’s Marandike Ebonys Choice to Wolfscastle, strong head on this bitch, plenty of furnishing without any coarseness, super shoulders, topline, tuck-up & fallaway, strong rearquarters, hocks well let down, correct coat, ample depth of chest, one of the best presented dogs on the day, looked good when standing, did not disappoint on the move, easy flowing movement with ample drive. CC; 2 Grimshaw’s Jamalison Melody, strong looking bitch overall, strength in head & neck, well furnished head, good shoulders & pleasing outline, correct fall away, well angulated rear, moved well in profile; 3 Cartmell’s Drawing Down The Moon Toi Cusidh.

OB (3,1) 1 Peaches’ Pinglehol Ruby to Kilbourne, substantial bitch, well proportioned, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, adequate depth of chest, good tuck-up & ample length of loin, nice length of second thigh, stood well over the ground, movement flowing effortless & with drive. RCC; 2 Grimshaw’s Greyflax Mystic to Jamilison, elegant bitch, pleasing head & expression, ample depth of chest, correct topline, lightly arched & fallaway, nice length & sweep of second thigh, well let down hocks, movement & flowing.