Some of the dog classes were rather difficult to judge. On the other hand some top class bitches.

PD (2) 1 Campbell & Wells’ Stainlonan Harvey at Kharabou, difficult age, this 81/2 months dog has a good outline & excellent size, pleasing head. Would like a bit more neck & more front angulation. Good body, OK topline, moved well; 2 Cartmel’s Cusidh Righ Innse Gall, still very much a puppy & needs to grow on. Pleasing in outline. Not moving so well.

JD (4) 1 Adams & van Zantem’s Cscarf O’Cockaigne, tall, masculine, well balanced young dog, excellent neck, very good front, topline & coat, moved soundly, well presented; 2 Barret’s Stranwith Ebenezer, elegant young dog, very much a Deerhound, pleasing in head & expression, small well carried ears, very good coat. Not helping his handler; 3 Spencer & Rhodes’ Gentom Renown.

PGD (12,1a) 1 Peach’s Kilbourne Fire Chief, easy winner of this class, would like him a touch more elegant. Very good size, masculine head, a bit too much stop. Very good body, in full coat, sound mover; 2 Hawkins’ Kwaricott Archimago, very good size, pleasing head, good neck. Would like more front angulation. Very good body & topline, moved quite well; 3 McLoughlin’s Graizelund Rock & Roll.

LD (5,2) 1 Peach’s Readwald Thor to Kilbourne, very sound dog of lovely type, workmanlike, well made throughout, pleasing head & topline, excellent coat, sound mover. RCC; 2 Taylor’s Lyart Yes Minister, somewhat smaller dog, would like him higher on the leg for perfect balance. Excellent head, small ears, good coat, moved well; 3 Gilhooly & Morrissey’s Lord Seafield of Hartvalley.

OD (5,1) 1 Rhodes & Morton’s Ch Gentom Peacemaker, tall, impressive masculine dog, in full coat, very pleasing in outline, excellent head, small ears, very good reach of neck, deep body, sound mover. CC; 2 Spencer’s Gentom Orlando of Talgavar, another impressive dog, very much the same type, very good size. Not quite as good in front. Very good topline, sound mover, well presented; 3 Smart’s Greystiel Loch Ashie.

PB (3) 1 McLoughlin’s Kingcrock Chieftain’s Choice, promising young bitch of excellent size, feminine head, good length of neck, pleasing topline, sound mover. Feet need to improve. BP; 2 Bridgwood’s Stainlonan Aseel, not quite the outline of 1 but pleasing head, good topline, excellent temperament; 3 Cartmell’s Cusidh Perchance To Dream.

JB (8,1) 1 Taylor & Peach’s Brackenland Tan at Kilbourne, excellent young bitch, should have a bright future, very typical in outline, pleasing head, neck & topline, sound mover, excellent coat. RCC; 2 Peach’s Kilbourne Teine, very nice bitch of lovely type, nice head, long neck, very good body. Not quite the angulation of 1, still young & needs time. Moved OK; 3 Barret’s Stranwith Song.

PGB (12,4) 1 Taylor’s Guinivere Starshine from Kilbourne, tall impressive young bitch, needs to drop in body. Pleasing in head, neck & topline, very good coat. Should have a good future. Rather lazy on the move; 2 Bailey’s Kilbourne Jenifer Jupiter to Greyflax, another excellent young bitch, well presented, excellent body, topline & coat, sound mover; 3 Hogan’s Tillyhilt Little Eva to Breesfalt.

LB (7,1) 1 Bailey’s Greyflax Milly Molly Mandy, tall impressive bitch, sound mover, keeps her topline on the move, pleasing in head, neck & body, well presented; 2 Peach’s Kilbourne Oh Suzzanah, workmanlike bitch, well balanced, nice head. Would like a bit more neck. Very good body, bone & feet. Rather lazy on the move; 3 Milne & Andrews’ Leoch Eileidh.

OB (6,2) 1 Bailey’s Ch Greyflax Waterloo Sunset, excellent Deerhound movement, excellent bitch of lovely type, nice head, excellent neck, front, topline & coat, well presented. CC & BOB; 2 Bailey’s Ch Greyflax A Kind Of Magic, very much the same type, bitch with pleasing head, body & coat, sound mover, well presented; 3 Adams’ Ardneish Eclectic.