Crystal Palace Canine Association
Open Show
South of England Showground
Ardingly, West Sussex
Sunday 5th April 2009

Class 14 Deerhound Junior. (6) 0a
1 Everard’s Hyndsight Nebula 14 month D, dark eye, scissor bite, good quarters, moved best in class on well knuckled feet. 2 Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Fred D Murcury 8.5 month PD with harsh dark coat, dark eye, neat ear, showed nice movement at times but was generally excitable today but should settle in time. Awarded BP & PG2.

Class 15 Deerhound Post Graduate. (3) 1a
1 Tresh’s Trentdale Glamis of Lyndorthwin B with dark eye, neat ear, harsh coat, good front, tight feet. Moved with drive. 2 Erskine’s Sorrisdale Maclindon sound moving bitch, preferred movement, coat & tail carriage of one

Class 16 Deerhound Open. (8) 5a
1 Lucas & Dargonne’s Packway Aconcagua entire mature dog, well furnished with dark eye, neat ear, complete scissor bite, strong neck into good shoulders. Pleasing front & rear quarters, deep chest, good feet. Had drive & held topline on the move. BOB. 2 Faircloth & Helps’s Beardswood Niamh well presented dark bitch with similar qualities to class winner who was beaten by the drive & movement of one. RBOB.

BOB Packway Aconcagua

BP Fred D Murcury