Rear Quarters

The standard says;

Drooping , broad and powerful, hips well set apart. Hind legs well bent at stifle with great length from hip to hock, Bone broad and flat. .

The rear end, in our opinion, is the engine and propells the dogs at great speed. The bone needs to be strong and powerful with good muscle and especially a good first and second thigh. Nice width in the second thigh will give the right balance to the hound. It is worth bearing in mind this often does not come until the hound has finished growing and is reaching maturity usually between 2 and 3 years of age.

not enough length from hip to hock, lacks good bend in the stifle

Much better length and bend in the stifle

right - weeknss in the first and second tights exhibiting cow hocks and bowed weakness in the rear.

left. a. A good first tight B straight and powerful second tight and hocks

No bend in stifle and hocks too tall. There would be no extension behind when movement and it is usual for the front to match and so this hound would appear tall and narrow.

Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks

Good width in the second thigh.

Sickle hocked and over angulated, this dog would tend to be week on the hocks and would probably be cow hocked. Movement would be incorrect with this structure.

Balanced and correct, notice hocks are vertical and strong and there is good width in the first and second thigh.


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