Sire Kilbourne Hamlet

Dam Brackenland Waltz for Kilbourne

Date of Birth: 2.12.2010

Dear Glenis , I’m writing this email with a very heavy heart, to tell you that Tess died today. We are absolutely devastated and in shock. She chased after some partridges and at speed, didn’t stop for the ditch. She disappeared into it and by the time I ran over she was on the other side making her way back to me, but was obviously hurt. I took her to the vets and they suspected a problem with her diaphragm. However when they x rayed her, her lungs had collapsed and her chest was full or air. They drained this off and she improved and they were going to keep her in overnight just to keep an eye on her, so we were so relieved. However a short while later she deteriorated and they had to drain her chest again but she died. They think she had ruptured part of her lung.  She must have hit the ditch bottom or side so hard that the blunt trauma caused it to rupture. She hadn’t broken any ribs. I’ve just read this back and it sounds so matter of fact but we are in quite a state. She was such a joy to have and we can’t believe we’ve lost her. She was quite mischevious at times and we had so much fun with her. She even spent time in the combine with us in the summer. She was brilliant with the chickens ducks and geese and everyone who met her loved her. I have been saving photos to send to you ever since I sent the last ones to you but haven’t got round to sending them.  Now there doesn’t seem much point other than to let you see that she had a happy life with us, albeit a very short one which is going to take some getting over.

tessa 12 weeks








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