Sire Kilbourne Hamlet

Dam Pinglehol Saffire

Date of Birth: 23/4/2011

 I'm no expert, but to me she has that beautiful Kilbourne look that I fell in love with.

she has matured into the most amazing girl. All of the things we were having trouble with have come good, (just like you said they would!!) and when one of the children asked me the other day 'Has she turned into the Deerhound you always dreamed of?' I wholeheartedly said yes. She has all the attributes that drew me to your hounds - yes, of course she has the stunning good looks, but most importantly, she has that wonderful Deerhound temperament that makes you fall completely in love with them. I know for sure that I will never be without a Deerhound. Of course, she is still a playful youngster, (and a terrible bin moocher given the opportunity!) and loves to gallop around the garden with a ball, or just bounds about for the sheer fun of it with the boys. She comes on the school run with me every day, and everybody comments on how beautiful she is. (Swiftly followed by the usual 'What breed is she?' or 'Is she a Wolfhound?' !!). She is my gentle, loving and close companion, and we absolutely adore her.

Alice is a credit to you and to her breed. I hope you are as happy and proud of her as we are.

Just to let you know how we got on last night.

In the evening, Alice settled down nicely and slept really well. She got up after an hour or two, so I let her out and she had a wee. She settled back down straight away, and there wasn't a peep from her until we headed off for bed and she went outside for the toilet.To be honest, as she'd had such a good sleep, and everything being so new and different for her, I was prepared for her to be as bright as a button and up in the night. But I was really so pleased - she settled back straight away. I heard her moving about at about 3am, so I let her out. She had a wee and came straight back in to bed, no fuss at all. All was quiet again until about 7am, so I let her out, she had a little play with Murphy and I gave her her breakfast. She went outside again, duly obliged, came back in and fell asleep.
I think she's made a fantastic start. She's bright, curious and into everything, just as she should be, and when she is resting, nothing seems to bother her. The boys know to leave her be when she's asleep, but of course, there is still lots of new things going on around her, but she just raises an eyelid now and again, then goes back to sleep.

Although, it did make me laugh when I got up this morning - there was a  collection of shoes and slippers in the middle of the floor - not chewed, just in a nice pile -  Alice's little hoard!! That will teach the kids to put them away in the shoe cupboard!

So,  Alice is a little star, as I always knew she would be - all legs and knuckles and full of fun and love. We love her to bits. . Andrea

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