Hennessy Junior


HettieHarvest Moon

Kilbourne Highlander (Ralfie)

Sire: Neroche Hennessy at Deeranwith

Dam: Canishurn Zena

Date of Birth: 21.2.2009

Well it's been a while so I though I would update you.
Ralfie has got to be THE most popular dog on the block. People are always saying how lovely he is, how huge his paws are, and he's going to be a big boy! Is he a lurcher? What is he? etc. Everyone is interested in him, as Deerhound are not a usual sight in Norwich.
He has recently completed his fouth week at puppy class, where he also seems to be a favourite, although I am sure it is not for his excellent behaviour, because he gets so excited he can hardly hear what he is being told at times!
He loves going for walks at our local parkland, there are plenty of dog walkers there, so he gets to play with lots of other dogs. He has been walking and playing very well off the lead for about a month now in the park, and walks reasonably well to heel when he is on the lead.
He has been exceptionally well behaved at home, nothing chewed that shouldn't be, he keeps off the flower/vegetable garden, and has only dug two very small scrapes in the lawn!
He leaves the cat's food in it's bowl (most of the time, unless it is chicken!) and although interested in making friends with the cats does not seem particularly inclined to chase them.
All in all, he is doing very well indeed, and causes very little consternation for us. We both enjoy having him around as he is a joy to be with.
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