Kilbourne Hettie ake IRIS

Sire: Neroche Hennessy at Deeranwith

Dam: Canishurn Zena

Date of Birth: 21.2.2009

Hennessy Junior


Harvest Moon

Dear Glenis,
I have finally got round to sending you a couple of pictures of Iris (Hettie). I'm sorry it has taken me so long, I have been very aware of the gap on your website for her.
She has settled in and grown up beautifully, she is a really pretty girl - much commented upon in the village. She is quite a spirited thing and certainly has her own mind, she has munched her way through a fair number of trainers and cuddly toys over the months but that is getting better. There are loads of walks where we live so gets loads of lovely outings which she loves and she is great with the children, in fact when anyone comes in they get a fantasic welcome from her. She has her own sofa in the kitchen where she spends the rest of her time sitting and growing I think!!
I'm sure it will be nice for you to see her and know that she is well.
best wishes Simone Sturt




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