Dam Kilbourne Diana

Date of birth 16th MAY 2003


Hi Glenis,

Hope you can remember us, we acquired Rolf (his mum was Kilbourne Diana) the Deerhound off you back in April 2003.

Anyway, we both managed to change our e-mail address’ and I have been meaning to contact you for several years now, but with the birth of 2 boys, time has flown by!

Just to let you know Rolf is still going strong and remains as ever, bone idle and still doesn’t particularly enjoy going on walks! He is 10 next year so I thought it was time for an update and to enclose some photo’s. When we got him we didn’t have children, but he has tolerated the boys quite well, usually only growls at them when they go near him on his bed or if he is on the settee! To be fair, I think I would choose dogs over kids anytime, much easier and create less mess! He may be largest out of our three dogs but he has proved cheaper to run than Mabel the bedlington and Milo the deaf, one-eyed 14 year old mongrel. Touch wood, he has never had any health issues and has only been to the vets’ a handful of times. I would be extremely rich by now if I charged people a £1 for everytime they said ‘you could put a saddle on him’ or ‘he’s a nice Irish Wolfhound’ (or a lurcher)!

Hope you like the photo’s – he still a handsome

NOV 2012