Sire Kilbourne Hector at Oelmuhle

Dam Ch Witchway to Kilbourne

Date of Birth: 10.09.2011

Just to let you know – Tonks is settling in really well and has coped admirably with her adoring public at Chadfield Road! It helped a lot having Gemma the Labrador here the first night – Tonks didn’t cry at all either night when she went to bed (think she was very tired too!) and she made no mess overnight last night.

Doing most of her toilet things outside already which is very clever.

Otherwise, we’re amazed how quickly she has settled and she is gaining in confidence every day. She’s a real poppet, we are totally smitten…!

Must go.. Tonks wanting to play with her Santa meerkat!

Love Tanya, Mark and Arthur





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