Sire Kilbourne Hector at Oelmuhle

Dam Ch Witchway to Kilbourne

Date of Birth: 10.09.2011

I have just worked out how to get photos off my phone! So I thought Id send a couple of Sprocket and Wilf (Ullin and Ulrich) so you could see how they are doing!

Both are brilliant J

Sprocket is the much more laid back of the two and like nothing better to sit and sunbathe – and what a looker he is becoming.

Wilf – has a permanent flea up his backside and pigeons in his head - he cant sit still for 2 seconds, he has a much wirier build. For every walk he goes on he goes about 3x the distance of his brother. You can never get a good picture of him as a result (but I think this suits him just fine).

Best wishes Andrea J

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