Kilbourne Tystie Kilbourne Tystie of Ghiltan

Sire: Rosslyn Fingal of Pharcourse

Dam:Kilbourne Alice

Date of Birth 7th March 1999

Sister to Wren

Photo taken at Stafford Open show 2002.

JUNE 2008

I have had to say goodbye to Tystie this morning. She was not herself yesterday and had been sick, drinking a lot of water. The vet said that word beginning with "p" which means a hysterectomy and I signed the consent form. He said he would do the blood tests and ring me later to confirm that he would do the surgery. Unfortunately, when he rang, it was to say that not only did she need the surgery but that her kidneys were failing and really the best thing was to say goodbye. My manager drove me to Sleaford so that I could be with her.

I told her that I would see her later, all she has to do is be patient and we will be together again. She went very quickly while I held her. Lynette Seymour Jackson


Her show history was impressive and Tystie leaves a legacy thought her two litters - first she was mated to Ch Shielhill Bran to Kilbourne and produced Ghiltan Larch the 2nd litter Ghiltan Midsummer was kept but unfortunately she had an accident which meant she could not be bred from - Larch went on to produce Hero and Honesty Hobby and Tiercel. Ghiltan Hobby is the foundation bitch of the Edward's (Brackenland) and we now have Brackenland Tan who is Hobbys daughter. So Tystie you are with us still

Glenis Peach

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