Ch. Kilbourne ShamusCH Kilbourne Shamus

Sire Ch. Rotherwood Brandon

Dam Selwood Skylark

Date of Birth: 21st December 1985

Bred by Mrs. G.M. Peach

Shamus was our first champion and although he himself hated the 'show' world he proved to be for us the most influential. Shamus was lucky in that he had the best bitches visit and consequently produced eight British champions. He gave us Ch Kilbourne Ruby and German Champion Kilbourne Opal. Miss Noble got Ch. Ardkinglas Nina and Mr. Doak bred Ch. Rosslyn Carric (breed record holder 42 CC's) and sister Ch. Rosslyn Chant. Ch Hyndsight Fedora and sister Ch. Hyndsight Flair were bred by Mr. Heathcote and Miss Finnett and Dr and Mrs. Helps bred Ch. Beardswood Eiryn and sister Ch. Beardswood Eulalia. Shamus died at home age 11years. One thing we remember most about Shamus was his gentle disposition and quiet determination when dealing with the ladies.

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