Kilbourne Santa Anna

Sire: Ch Hyndsight Wind of Change

Dam:Baylind Gail

breeders M.J. G.M. Peach

date of birth 13/12/2006

Bracken settled in very well. She has grown quite a bit and is now changing colour. She's lost her reddish tinge but is still more brindled than grey although on her hind quarters she has gone light. We took her to puppy socialisation and training where they said she was the best sighthound they'd had.Though it's different when she's out and she's found someone she wants to play with! She loves to run and run. It is lovely to see her and Bramble playing together as she is so much faster than him ,she torments him by just keeping out of reach.

We took them to the lure coursing meeting but she prefers anything live to chase. They both travelled beautifully as you can see in the photo of them in a heap. She has managed to injure herself twice this year. Firstly she spiked a hind leg which needed stapling. She removed them,chewed the collar and when it had healed and the collar off,chewed it open again. She then came in season and after that has managed to split a pad badly, on a flint. All in all she has had a boring few months. It has nearly healed and she is now being walked again. During this time she has been gardening, much to my husbands dismay. Deadheading flowers, digging up plants and breaking off anything that's in her way!

She is great fun and wonderful company, she always wants to be with you. It was a steep learning curve for us, in spite of having the greyhounds. Thank you for letting us have her, she is much admired locally.

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