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Nimrod has been retired and lives with Bryan and Sally, he has filled the hole left by their beloved Thor who left them prematurely - he sleeps on the sofa and is enjoying his new home, we will miss him dreadfully but we know this is a good decision for Nimmie.


Sire: Ch. Shielhill Bran to Kilbourne

Dam: Kilbourne Wichita 

Date of Birth 18th May 2003

retired from stud

A laid back easy going dog, a natural in the show ring, with the sweetest of temperaments His progeny hit the ring and did very well - we wish them all success in 2006/7 Ch Pingelhol Ruby to Kilbourne, Ladygrove Spook and Banshee, Kilbourne Iduna at Inverclyde, Kilbourne Oh Suzzanna, NORWEGIAN CHAMPION Kilbourne Oak and Kilbourne Osbourne, Ch Greyflax The Mighty Quinn, Gentom Orlando/ Oliver Twist to Kilbourne and Ovation, Kilbourne Rinda Killoeter Leyla , Ch Hyndsight A Box od Dreams and Greyflax Milly Molly Mandy to name a few

If we ever doubted this decision this letter makes us know it was the right one.

Nimmie is aAbsolutely gorgeous and enjoying retirement!  He continues to run when he wants to and the rest of the time plods around on his daily walk as though he has the cares of the world on his shoulders - but is full of life when he wants to be, like when I was grating cheese at lunchtime!  He lets Ellie, our Springer, boss him completely, so if she decides she wants his large bed he curls up on her small one.  The other day she was really growling and so I went down to find her stood in front of him, with a bone in her mouth growling just to warn him off and not, as I had supposed, because he had stolen it!  His favourite place to sleep is the rug in the lounge and we have to remember to take him back to his dog bed if we are going out, otherwise he sets the house alarm off.  He is, of course, admired everywhere we go, and we still get asked if he is a donkey or a dog.  Jess took him into school the other day to show some of her teachers as she is leaving this summer - yet again more admirers.

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