Sire Kilbourne Hector at Oelmuhle

Dam KilburneAnnie MacTavish

Breeders MJ GM PEACH

Date of Birth: 10/10/2011

What a joy this wonderful puppy has brought with her, she has settled in so well.
She is 99 per cent house trained and more than happy to please in every way.She is doing so well, we adore her - even the cat accepts her as if she has always
Been here!  She runs with a pack of mixed breeds every day, to her delight.

7/2/ 2012 Just a couple of photos to let you see how Mary is developing - isn't she beautiful? We Absolutely adore her. She has been such an easy pup. She is completely clean and
And I will say (at the moment) recall is perfect. You can see her and Daphne are the
Best of friends. Her only vice is, true to deerhound fashion, taking every opportunity
To help herself to food, straight off your plate!

I attached a photo which I thought might amuse you.  It is our last wonderful deerhound with
My daughter imitating her expression. (Canishurn Aphrodite) Named and loved by us
As Josephine. -- Barbara Holyday

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