Sire Kilbourne Hector at Oelmuhle

Dam KilburneAnnie MacTavish

Breeders MJ GM PEACH

Date of Birth: 13/10/2011

Just finally getting round to updating you on Magnus!  He's such a wonderful part of our family now. Loves everyone, and everyone loves him!  He gets on great with our lurcher Jake and my mum's Bedlington, and every other dog he meets.  He was well behaved at all his puppy classes and was always admired.  Magnus ignores our free range hens, loves our cat, and has learned to not be too interested in our pet sheep!  He comes out every morning to help with the mucking out and follows me round from stable to stable.
We couldn't be happier with him............the kids even argue over who gets to sleep with him at night!  Thanks again for everything



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