KIlbourne Melissa

Kilbourne Melissa of Ladygrove 

Sire: Neroche Ferryman to Kilbourne

Dam: Kilbourne Triss

Date of Birth 22nd June 1997

Sister to Ch. Kilbourne Luffa, 'Missy ' was Best Puppy Bitch at the 1998 Breed Show. she has taken first place in her class at most championship shows and gained 4 reserve CC's and won her third CC at Leeds Championship Show in July 2001. Melissa has  produced a nice litter of 12 when mated to Ch. Kilbourne Darling  and Grey Ghost her daughter has doine well, Ghost had produced Banshee and Spook who will carry Melissa's torch.

2006 Melissa sadly has died, as she lived, peacefully at home with her family.


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