KIbourne Justina Kilbourne Justina

Sire: Stranwith Nimbus

Dam: Lealla Alice

Date of Birth 21st May 1985

Bred by Mrs. G.M. Peach

Justina and her sister Ch Kilbourne Jade proved to be very successful in the early days. Justina gained her Junior Warrant (rare for a Deerhound in England) Justina's sister gained her crown for Mrs. K Barratt (nee Heal). Justina became very ill at around 3 years of age and over a period of time got weaker and weaker. The vet on Christmas Eve rang to say they were loosing her and although the x-rays had shown nothing, he wanted to open her up and have a look. He was at a loss to know why she was so toxic. What a Christmas!! Later that night he rang to give me the good/bad news, He had found the trouble A PLASTIC BAG WITH A KNOT IN IT. The vet said that was the good news but the bad was that he had had to cut away a massive amount of intestine as it was petrified. He did not think she would make it as she was extremely ill. I waited all over Christmas for the dreaded phone call but not my Justina she was tough. Justina went on to live to a ripe old age. Mother of Ch Kilbourne Ruby, She died at home within one month of her ' man' Shamus.

As an adult Justina loathed dog shows and was impossible to show, exhibiting an astonishing inability to maintain a vertical position (she leaned on the handler).

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