Kilbourne Diana

Sire: Kilbourne Al of Talgavar

Dam: Gentom Hannah Harvey

Date of Birth 21st October 1998

Owned by Mr. & Mrs. M. J. & G. M. Peach

Brother of Fenrin, Top puppy 1999, Diana had a litter by Bran, and has three bitch puppies with Gentom Oliver Twist to Kilbourne . Faith Hope and Charity

2004 will be the start of Diana’s film career. She has spent 3 days at Burley with Jonnie Depp filming for his next release The Libertine. She apparently was well admired by all the people there, but the peacocks were in grave danger, good job she was on a lead. Diana was accompanied by Greyflax Lilly to Kilbourne. They fitted the roll of the King's dogs along with some cavaliers. Our friend Hayley accompanied them for the three days. Disappointingly they appear in the first 10 seconds of the film walking out of the mist - they paid dearly for that one!!

2009 In her 10th year Diana continues to be a faithful friend

July 2010 she lives on into old age with dignity and peace.She will be 12 in October so if she makes it we are going to have a teenage party. Boycee and Witchway's babies are her 4th and 5th generation so she has done a lot for us.

December 2010 She is frail and not long for this world but as long as she has quality we will con tinue to love and look after her.

7th of Jan aged 12 we gave her sleep - a treasured hound who will be missed and remembered as one of the best.

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