Ch. Rosslyn Dagger to KilbourneCh. Rosslyn Dagger to Kilbourne

Sire: Ch. Laird of Terichline

Dam: Ch. Rosslyn Antic

Date of Birth: 12th August 1990

Bred by: Brian Doak

This dog was purchased as a puppy from Mr Brian Doak, He was the all time male favourite of Glenis, and although bitches visited him he only ever mated two. The first litter produced Int.Ch Kilbourne Quebee, Kilbourne Quantam the second Neroche Ferryman, we will never know what he could have done for breed if he had just been a little more assertive, he was just so gentle. Dagger had prostrate cancer at 8 years and had to be put to sleep. He sits in a box on the dresser waiting to go with Glenis when she reaches her sell by date. Dagger's litter included Dirk, Duskand Dawn.